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Diamond Dallas Page
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 253lbs
Hometown: Jersey Shores, NJ
Signature Maneuver: Diamond Cutter

Feel the Bang! The leader of the Jersey Triad has enjoyed an incredible ride to wrestling stardom. He has tag teamed with Karl Malone and Jay Leno, won two WCW World Heavyweight Championships and even married Kimberly, the head Nitro Girl!

Against all odds Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) parlayed his charisma as a Florida nightclub owner to become a color commentator in the Minnesota-based AWA federation. Page continued his career in reverse going from manager to wrestler to champion. This Jersey Shore native is an anomaly of success spawned from a Trojan work ethic, encyclopedic wrestling knowledge and unshakable confidence. Never tell DDP he can't do it; he has already silenced his critics.

Page paved the way to glory with his patented "diamond cutter," one of the most devastating moves in the sport. Drawing motivation from Muhammad Ali and Satchel Page, inspired DDP to impressive championships in every WCW heavyweight category.

DDP and Kimberly are very active in Page's own charity, "Bang It Out For Books," which helps to fight illiteracy and promote the benefits of reading. DDP, who overcame dyslexia to conquer his fear of reading as a child, has partnered with Scholastic to match donations to local schools for educational materials. Page is also very busy writing his autobiography, Positively Page and maintains his own internet fan club, "The Union of Diamond Cutters" at www.thediamondmine.com. DDP has appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Live with Regis and Kathie Lee and plays a feature role in the TBS Superstation movie First Daughter.

Keep your eye on this explosive career. There is much more to come for Diamond Dallas Page. Feel the Bang!