July 07 update

Classic Car Light Bulb Specialists

Improve your lights by up to 100% with these Halogen bulbs, without changing your lamps or wiring.

The question?  How do I improve my old cars lights and keep it original?

The answer!
Fit Classic and Vintage Bulbs!

The fitting of our specialist Halogen or LED bulbs, will not only improve your head or tail lights brightness but will also retain the original integrity of your lamps.

A range of types from as low as 3 watt up to 65 watt and a comprehensive range of original old type bulb bases, will mean that there is a bulb "tailor made" for your vehicle.

Whether it's an Austin 7, a Packard there is a bulb that will fit perfectly. With the huge range of bulbs available from our product list, one can be chosen that will not over tax your generating system or damage your lamps or lenses in any way.

All of our bulbs are made from new components sourced from quality manufacturers around the world and assembled at our works in Adelaide, Australia.

Why Halogen?
The modern Halogen bulb is much brighter than its tungsten counterpart of the same wattage or current drain. The technology used to make Halogen bulbs means they are far more efficient than old type bulbs resulting in a brighter/whiter light. This results in a brighter light than a tungsten bulb with the same current drain. For example a 6v 35w tungsten bulb draws just under 6 amps and gives a, some what, yellow light. On the other hand a Halogen 35w bulb gives a far brighter/whiter light and still uses the same current as its tungsten equivalent.

See and Be seen
The added advantage of having brighter lights is, not only can you enjoy safer driving at night but you will also be seen easier.

Why LED? The latest in electronics can now provide LED bulbs in 6 and 12v that use very little current (about 1/10th of a normal bulb). Our 12v LED bulbs are a special -ve earth (ground) version that replaces a standard stop/tail or indicator bulb. The light emitted by these LED's lends them for use in lamps that have a built in reflector or for applications where light needs to be visible from all sides of the lamp.  Our 6v LED bulbs are available in -ve and +ve earth and are specifically made for use in tail lamps that have a rearward facing bulb holder and include a number plate aperture. They are designed with rear ward facing red LED's and white around the perimeter. These LED's are perfect for most 1930's vehicles and motorcycles.

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