Publications by Aleck Crawford

Some of the publications are Web sites, others are books—some are unpublished...

   The Spirit - 1971-1976 A review by Reg Carr of The Testimony

 Critique of Spirit Of God by A H Nicholls 1977

 Proverbs - 3 volume series 1976- 1993

 Christadelphians Answer Hopkins 2000

 Christadelphians Answer Miles 2000

 Index to Christadelphian Magazines and Books 1971-2006+

 The Spirit Internet Edition 2001      Download in PDF

The Spirit Internet Edition 2001      Download in Word  Part 1

  The Spirit Internet Edition 2001      Download in Word  Part 2

 The Spirit Internet Edition 2001 in HTML    2001 updated 2014

  The Spirit Another internet web site  2004

 Warning against Edgar Wille's book entitled The Spirit An exploratory Survey 1976 & 2002 

  A Christadelphian Critique to John Hutchinson 2015 HTM

  Above as MSWord download 

  A Biblical answer on Acts 2:38 to Don Harrison's article in Dec 2006 Testimony, 2007  

  A REBUTTAL to John Hutchinson's comments entitled Critique and Credibility 2006-2009

 A REBUTTAL to John Bedson's article- 'The Physician Who Doctored the Truth' v64.docx 2015

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CSSS Home Page | The Catholic Origins of Futurism and Preterism

 A critical reply by John Allfree to The Holy Spirit & the Believer Today


Updated 8 February 2015

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