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Landholders working on Rehabilitation of Wether Station Creek


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June 2009 update

This update includes photos showing the fencing and slashing work completed recently by contractors, 2 new properties to the project, Mornington Rise and Evergreen, photos of an extension to included slopes and a hill top to the area on Tori Park, building a stock crossing on Glengyle, and the rainfall total for May on the rainfall chart.  The Project has won a further grant to complete more work along the creek by December 2009, including work on Mornington Rise (Harris), Evergreen (Blowes/Coster) and Newlands (Joyce) properties..


May 2009 update

The pages "About WSCCatchment" now include links to the 20 years of rainfall data collection by Hugo van Dam at 'Glengyle'.  The current year comparison with means illustrates the low rainfall problem during Spring and Summer for plant establishment. To go straight to the weather page click HERE.  April 2009 rainfall was about 2 times the 20 year mean.

February 2009 update

This update includes progress photos for each property up to February 2009 and photos of the contributions to the project from Aldgate Primary School students and the Balhannah Scout Group. 

The next update will include monthly rainfall averages in the catchment for the last 20 years to illustrate just how dry it has been in the period that the project has been in progress.  It is remarkable that we have been getting any survival of plants given the low rainfall and the extremes of heat that have been experienced since the project started in 2007.



The Wether Station Creek catchment extends from the township of Balhannah, 30km East of Adelaide, North West towards the Kenneth Stirling Conservation Park.  It is about a 7 square kilometre sub-catchment within the Onkaparinga River catchment in the Mount Lofty Ranges.  The Ranges are east of Adelaide, the capital city of the State of South Australia in Australia. 

The Project Stage 1 area includes properties and buildings with much history.  In 1855 Thomas Pugh owned Sections 4041 and 4042 and called the property "Wether Station".  The name was thereafter generally applied to the locality and includes much of the area of the Stage 1 project.  Mr Pugh was listed in the 1854 SA Almanac as a builder and he built a cottage (now Wether Station) and a barnhouse (formally 'The Folly' now 'Pugh's Barnhouse').  He became the State's largest apple producer and in 1903 sold the property to Joseph Catton Grasby, owner of the neighbouring "Glengyle" orchard property and jam factory.

Glen Eden was also part of the Grasby "Glengyle" property from 1877.  Grasby Road which runs through the SE part of the catchment was named after the Grasby family as was the Grasby Memorial Park.


Catchment Group Profile

In 2007 a group of 6 landholders in the catchment came together to start some planned work on improving the creek landscape and environment by controlling woody weeds, fencing the creek lines to exclude stock grazing and revegetating to redevelop habitats.  The group is informally collaborating for the project work with the assistance of the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resource Management Board.  Funding for the work includes a grant from the Commonwealth Government Envirofund, and contributions from the Board funded from Landholder levies and the from landholders themselves.

A Stage 2 proposal and application for a grant was developed on belhalf of another 8 landholders and submitted to the Commonwealth Government 'Caring for our Country' grants scheme in 2008 but was unsuccessful.  The Stage 2 proposal is being redrafted for possible funding support in the 2009-2010 year.


Contact Information


08 83884206
Postal address
PO Box 288, Balhannah, SA Australia

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Last modified: June 22, 2009