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Welcome to my family genealogy site covering the brief history of my various faimilies. In this site I will quickly discuss the various families that I am searching and the basic information about them.

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Brian Forth's personal account of the Higgins at Currency Creek, South Australia

The HIGGINS family.

The Higgins family originate from the Dublin area of Ireland. In 1725, two brothers, Ralph and Joseph HIGGINS, went to Trim in Co. Meath and built their estate on the River Boyne and named the house "Higginsbrook"

My Higgins lineage is from Jospeh HIGGINS through his son William, then Thomas (1st) and then onwards.
Mary Higgins

Sir Robert Shaw
William's children were:
  • Joseph
  • William (Captain in the Royal Dragoons, Died in 1755)
  • Mary (Who married Sir Robert Shaw of Terrenure, Dublin, Ireland)
  • Thomas (1st)(Ensign in the 61st Gloucester Regiment of foot)
Thomas HIGGINS (1st)
  • Born, Unknown.
  • Died in Dominica in 1802

Thomas Higgins (1st)
Married to Sarah WALKER
  • Born 1744, Dublin, Ireland
  • Died 1820, buried in St. Patrick's Church in Dublin.
  • 1802 - 1820, Sarah HIGGINS along with daughters Catherine and Eliza lived at 72 Camden Street, Dublin in IRELAND
Ensign Thomas, joined the 61st Regular foot Gloucester Regiment in 1796, then detached to the 45th foot the Sherwood Forrester, and sailed with them to the Dominician Republic, where he died in 1802.    
Their Children were:
  • Lt Thomas Walker Higgins (2nd)
  • Catherine (No information known)
  • Eliza (No information known)
Lt Thomas Walker Higgins

Lt Thomas Walker HIGGINS (2nd) (More references to Lt Thomas Walker Higgins here)

  • Born 1784 in Dublin, Ireland
  • 1799 - 1893, joined South Gloucester militia
  • 1804 joined the 5th Regiment of Foot the Northumberland Fusiliers as an Ensign. Promoted to Lieutenant in 1805
  • He fought at the battle of Salamanca, Corunna and Vittoria in Spain.
  • At Vittoria on 21st June 1813, he was wounded in battle and died in the field as a result of those wounds on 26th June 1813.
Further information available here and here
Lt. Thomas Higgins married Sarah SIMPSON at Beverley, Yorkshire in 1808
  • Sarah was born 1799 at Beverley in Yorkshire
  • Sarah died 1822, buried in St. George Church at Doncaster.
  • From 1812 - 1822, Sarah and children Thomas Walker (3rd) and William Stephen lived in Doncaster, Yorkshire
Their children were:
  • Thomas Walker HIGGINS (3rd)
  • William George HIGGINS
Thomas Walker HIGGINS (3rd) Married Jane FRANKS (nee WATSON)
  • Born 1791 at Newcastle-on-Tyne, England
  • Married at St. George Church, Southwark, London in 1839
  • Died 1872 at Currency Creek, buried at Currency Creek cemetry, South Australia.
Lt. Col. Thomas Walker Higgins (3rd)
Jane Higgins

In 1831, Thomas Higgins (3rd) joined the 2nd Royal North British Dragoons (The 'Scots Greys') at Edinburgh Castle until he purchased his discharge at Newbridge barracks in Dublin in 1839.

In April of 1839, they sailed on the ship 'Anna Robertson' for Adelaide in South Australia.

Thomas (3rd) became a Captain of the Goolwa Rifles (Which in 1867, became known as the Goolwa Cavalry) in 1861. He rose to the rank of Lt Colonel in charge of the Goolwa Cavalry, Strathalbyn Cavalry, Robe Cavalry and the Reedbeds Cavalry of the South Australian Volunteer Cavalry in 1867 and remained in charge until 1869.

Their only child was:
Thomas William HIGGINS
  • Born, 1840 in Adelaide South Australia.
  • He died 1915 at "Burnt Oak" station near Currency Creek.
  • Buried at Currency Creek Cemetery, South Australia.
Thomas, in 1874 married Heloise May Moorundie SCOTT
  • Born 1854 at Moorundie on the River Murray, South Australia
  • Died 1934 at Currency Creek, and buried in same cemetery South Australia
Thomas was a farmer and grazier. He joined the Goolwa Rifles in 1861 as a private. In 1863 he was promoted to Cornet of the rifles, in 1867 he was promoted to Lieutenant in the Goolwa Cavalry.
Lt. Thomas William Higgins
Heloise May Moorundie Scott

Heloise is the daughter of Edward Bate SCOTT.
For further information, please read further on for the SCOTT family history. A more complete account of the Higgins family at Currency Creek, South Australia can be read here and you may click here for the Currency Creek cemetery records.

Descendants of this branch of the Higgins family are still living at "Higginsbrook", "Burnt Oak" and "Silver Hills" in the Southern coastal region of South Australia

William Stephen HIGGINS. (No photograph)
  • Born in 1812 at Fermoy, Co Cork in Ireland.
  • William in 1831 sailed on the ship ‘Asia” to Madras India.
  •  He joined the Madras Volunteer Artillery Company as a gunner retiring 1867 as Quarter-Master Sergeant.
  • Died 1891 at Madras India
  • Buried in St Mary’s Church Mt Thomas in Madras India.
William was married 3 times to;-
  • 1st marriage is unknown.
  • 2nd to Mary Anne CRISP in Madras in 1838.
  • 3rd to Helen LOWE in Madras 1855.
The children from those marriages were;-
    George Stephen HIGGINS.
  • Born 11 December 1839.
  • Died 14 January 1884 at Oottacamund India.

  • Married Fanny Virginia FARNSWORTH.

  • Thomas (5th) Walker Higgins.
  • Born 23 November 1852
  • Died 9 January 1854.

  • Thomas (6th) Walker HIGGINS.
  • Born 7 May 1855.
  • Died 5 September 1911.

  • Susan HIGGINS.
  • No details known.

  • Jemima HIGGINS.
  • Born 25 Febuary 1858.
  • Married to Edward or Henry Edward FORD in 1879
  • Died 1899, Melbourne Australia.

  • Annie Marie HIGGINS.
  • Born 24 April 1860.

  • Rachael HIGGINS.
  • Born 2 January 1862.

  • Richard William HIGGINS.
  • Born 8 January 1865.
  • Died 3 September 1870.
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“Higginsbrook” near Trim in Co MEATH.

Higginsbrrok in Ireland

"Higginsbrook" is a Georgian house built by Joseph and Ralph HIGGINS in about 1725 on the River Boyne about 3 miles west near Trim in Co MEATH. This family is directly related to the HIGGINS families from 'Higginsbrook' estate.

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“Higginsbrook” in Co. Derry, Ireland.
Early shipping records to Sydney Australian in late 1700’s state that 3 Higgins men came from “Higginsbrook” in Co Derry Ireland.
All enquiries have failed to locate this place.
It is reported that Higgins from this Higginsbrook are related to the Higgins of “Higginsbrook” in Co Meath.

Higginsbrook at Currency Creek

“Higginsbrook” at Currency Creek
in South Australia.

This ‘Higginsbrook” was built at Currency Creek by Thomas Walker Higgins (3rd) in 1840.

For more information, you can visit Michael Higgins site.

The FORTH and FIRTH family.
  • The FIRTH or FORTH family were labourers from near Newton-on-Trent in Lincolnshire.
  • Searching records in Lincolnshire, indicate that Thomas FORTH was born FIRTH
  • The shipping records of the “Hyderabad” in 1854 reported his surname as FIRTH. The South Australian Government Gazette of the day also indicated surname was FIRTH.
  • After arriving IN South Australian in 1854, all children were christened with the surname of FORTH.
  • The passenger’s list was in 1945 changed to reflect the surname of FORTH as to be correct
Thomas FIRTH. (Later records indicate FORTH.)No Photo.
  • Born 1827 at Newton on Trent, Lincolnshire England.
  • Died 1906 in Gladstone in South Australia, and buried there.
Married in 1853 to Elizabeth TAYLOR.
  • Born 1834 at Newton on Trent
  • Died 1920 at Mintaro. Buried at Gladstone cemetery, South Australia.
Elizabeth Forth
In 1854,sailed on the ship Hyderabad from London to Adelaide in South Australia.
The Hyderabad passenger’s records and the Government Gazette of the day indicated their surname name as being FIRTH.
After arriving in South Australian in 1854, Thomas and Elizabeth FORTH as they now known, lived at Bowden, Mudla-Wirra, Orroroo and Galdstone all within South Australia.
All children born in this marriage were registered and christened with the surname of FORTH.
In 1945, Sarah MATHEWS (youngest child), changed the “original” passenger’s list name of FIRTH to FORTH to reflect the surname of FORTH as it was now known in South Australia.
Searching has failed to indicate which is really the correct surname back in Lincolnshire
Their children all born in South Australia were:-
  • William Thomas FORTH married Emily Elizabeth GREEN.
  • George Lathen FORTH married Catherine HENNESSEY.
  • Thomas FORTH married Anne Agnes TIMMENS
  • John Henry FORTH married Ellen Mary TIMMENS.
  • Sarah FORTH married James Claudius MATHEWS.
My lineage here is from John Henry FORTH to Walter Henry FORTH (senior), to Walter Henry FORTH (junior).
John Henry Forth
Ellen Mary Timmens

'Burnt Oak' near Gillingham, Kent
  • The Scott family is believed to have come from 'Scott' families of Branxholme near Hawick in the Scottish Borders, of Scotland.
  • Little is known of the Scott family in the early years.
  • The first reference made is of a Captain Scott, who was a Captain in the British Army fighting in the American War of Independence. He was 'forced' to escape to England to avoid capture.
  • He and his descendants then settled at a place called “Burnt Oak” near Gillingham in Kent England.
Captain. Scott
  • Born unknown date
  • Died in England about 1818.
Married, Penelope HENCHMAN
  • Born, Virginia USA
  • Married in the American Colonies in late 1700's.
  • Died, in England EARLY 1800'S.

Captain Scott might not be the parent of James SCOTT as mentioned next. In the personal writings of Edward Bate Scott, he talks of the family connection to the Scott's from "Branxholme" near Harwick in the Scottish Borders, EB Scott also talks of a Captain Scott and his involvement the American War of Independence of the 1770's and his subsequent escape back to England.

Captain Scott
Penelope Henchman
There is one child known.:
James SCOTT.
  • Born, about 1774
  • Occupation "Purser" in the Royal Navy.
  • Died, about 1834, at Gillingham, Kent, England.
  • James SCOTT in known to have died in 1834 at the "Burnt Oak" home in Gillingham Kent.
    He is buried in a family vault in St Mary Magdalene Church along with his wife and other family members
Married to Elizabeth Barber DEWLAND.
  • Born unknown.
  • lived at "Burnt Oak" estate near Gillingham in Kent England.
  • Died, about 1865, at Gillingham, Kent, England.
Capt. James Scott
Elizabeth Dewland
Their children were;-
  • Baptised 5 May 1811 Gillingham.
  • Died 8 November 1812

  • James.
  • Born 27 june 1812.
  • Died 1827 at sea aboard HMS Redwing.
    John Mansel.
  • Born 21 May 1814
  • Baptised 30 January 1815 Gillingham.
  • Died 5 October 1870 at Coolah, NSW, Australia.

  • Married Mary Emma Patten
    Peter Astle.
  • Born 25 February 1816
  • Baptised 8 July 1816 Gillingham

  • Married Maria, an American lady of Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  • Born 1821 Died 16 October 1895 London
  • Children:
  • · Beresford C. Born Halifax 1848

  • Born 7 November 1818
  • Baptised 20 January 1819
  • Paymaster, Royal Navy
  • Died 9 May 1875

  • Elizabeth Butt.
  • Born 1819 Lambeth Surrey
  • married Charles Hamilton Osmer
  • Children:
  • · James B. 1838 (Army Captain in 1865)
    · Theanor J. born 1845 Carmeathen S. Wales

  • Born December 1820.
  • Baptised 21 January 1821
  • Died 5 May 1821 aged 7 months.
  • Buried 10 May 1821

  • Edward Bate SCOTT
  • Born 1822, at Gillingham, Kent, England.
  • Died in 1909 at Currency Creek, buried at Currency Creek Cemetery, South Australia

  • George Byng.
  • Born 12 December 1824.
  • Died 17 Febuary 1886. Mt Gambier, South Aust.

  • 1st Marriage to Elizabeth Taylor
  • Born 1822
  • Died 27 November 1849 aged 27 years
  • Buried at Moorundie South Australia.

  • Adelaide.
  • Born 22 June 1827.
  • Died 1835 at Gillingham Kent England
Peter Astle Scott

Edward Bate Scott

George Byng Scott


Edward Bate Scott
  • 1838, he sailed to Sydney New South Wales, then went to Pt Phillip Bay Victoria.
  • In 1838, then went overland to Adelaide with a supply of sheep and cattle.
  • 1840, he joined with Edward John EYRE to explore the centre of Australia
  • Was away for 18 months exploring.
  • 1841 joined EYRE at the Government post of Moorundie on the River Murray.
  • In 1847, became Sub Protector or Aborigines at Moorundie.
  • 1856 to 1866 Scott became a squatter and landowner at stations 'Moorna' and 'Ki' both on the Murray River near Wentworth in New South Wales.
  • From 1866 he held the following Government positions
  • · 'Protector of Aborigines'
    · 'Inspector of Sheep and Brands'
    · Clerk of Penola Court,
  • then 1869-1892 he was the Superintendent of Yatala Labour Prison for 23 years.
Further information on Edward Bate Scott can be found at
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