Bibliography and Credits

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The names "Gilmor" and "Johny" are spelt correctly!

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Last updated November 2006.  This page is copyright © 2001 Don Koks.  Sepia images from Peter Pan are screen captures © 1924/1952 Famous Players-Lasky Corporation.  The research and text on these pages are the result of work by both Frederica Merrivale in Los Angeles and myself, Don Koks in Adelaide.  May we also thank Ludwig Lauerhass, Jr for conversations and for correcting some of the details wrongly reported in newspapers over the years.  Thanks also to Julie and Lauren at UCLA's Arts Special Collections Library for their help with accessing Betty's papers.


Betty's early years

Betty as Peter Pan

Prelude to Peter Pan

Further silent film work and the advent of talkies

Life beyond the movies

Film and promotional shots

Betty's available films

Bibliography and credits