Heights of some Silent Screen actresses

Just how tall was Betty?  An old "Picture Show" annual  puts her height at 4' 8½''.  She is listed in a 1930 movie information book as being "5 feet" in height.  Her 1928 passport puts her at 5' 0'' while her resume from the 1960's says she was 5' 2''.  And in the book that presents the following list she was originally in the 5' 1'' group.  In fact, her passport height was the correct one: so I've shifted her name to the 5' 0'' entry below.

The list below is taken from John Weaver's Twenty Years of Silents: 1908--1928 (1971)  (with thanks to the list's author, David B. Pearson).  However as Weaver died while the book was being produced, we cannot know what errors it might contain.  For example, in it Betty was also listed in error as having green eyes.  And for that matter, Gloria Swanson was originally in the 5' 3½'' category, but she is listed in David Brownlow's The Parade's Gone By... as being 5' 2''.

4'  9''

 Daphne Pollard

 Lydia Yeamans Titus

4'  10''
Marguerite Clark

Miriam Cooper

Ann Cornwall

Florence Turner

4'  11''

 Barbara Kent

 Shirley Mason

 May McAvoy

4'  11 ½ ''

 Viola Dana

Ann Brody

Betty Bronson

Ann Christy

Helen Foster

Janet Gaynor

Louise Huff

Frances Lee

Gladys Leslie

Bessie Love

Molly Malone

Mabel Normand

Ann Pennington

Mary Pickford

Sally Rand

Vera Reynolds

Billie Rhodes

5'  ½ ''

 Constance Binney

 Marguerite De La Motte

5'  1''
Renee Adoree

Tsuru Aoki

Lucy Beaumont

Edith Chapman

Doris Dawson

Virginia Browne Faire

Margarita Fisher

Greta Granstedt

Francine Larrimore

Louise Lorraine

Edna Marion

Marion Nixon

Allene Roberts

Norma Shearer

Fannie Ward

5'  1½ ''
Pauline Garon

Ruth Renick

Edith Roberts

Alice Terry

Lillian Walker

Gladys Waffon

5'  2''
Bessie Barriscale

Beverly Bayne

Belle Bennett

Mary Brian

Mary Carr

Gertrude Claire

Alice Davenport

Mildred Davis

Lya De Putti

Dorothy Devore

Nancy Drexel

Ann Forrest

Neva Gerber

Dorothy Gish

Ena Gregory

Dorothy Gulliver

Gloria Hope

Clara Horton

Helen Kane

Alice Lake

Jeanette Loff

Louise Lovely

Cleo Madison

Blanche Mahaffey

Marguerite Marsh

Mary Miles Minter

Rhea Mitchell

Lois Moran

Edna Murphy

Sally O'Neil

Anita Page

Mary Philbin

Sally Phipps

Teddy Sampson

Ruth Stonehouse

Gloria Swanson

Natalie Talmadge

Ruth Taylor

Raquel Torres

Alberta Vaughn

Florence Vidor

Alice White

Laska Winters

5'  2 ½ ''
Jean Acker

Ora Carew

Betty Compson

Marguerite Courtot

Hazel Deane

Sally Eilers

Julia Faye

Jean Harlow

Doris Hill

Merna Kennedy

Mary McAllister

Patsy Ruth Miller

Molly O'Day

Lucille Ricksen

May Robson

5'  3''
Mabel Ballin

Madge Bellamy

Enid Bennett

Sue Carol

Ruth Clifford

Lily Damita

Marceline Day

Dolores Del Rio

Josephine Dunn

Helen Ferguson

Dale Fuller

Hope Hampton

Juanita Hansen

Olive Hasbrouck

Ormi Hawley

Wanda Hawley

Ruth Hiatt

Edith Johnson

Leatrice Joy

Mary Kornman

Lola Lane

Lila Lee

Frances Marion

Mae Marsh

Gertrude Messenger

Marie Messenger

Mae Murray

Carmel Myers

Alla Nazimova

Mary Nolan

Gertrude Olmstead

Eileen Percy

Jackie Saunders

Violet Schram

Dorothy Sebastian

Eileen Sedgwick

Gertrude Short

Vera Steadman

Olive Thomas

Helen Twelvetrees

Lenore Ulric

Mabel Van Buren

Winilred Westover

Fay Wray

Loretta Young

5'  3 ½ ''
Mary Alden

Lina Basquette

Clara Bow

Bebe Daniels

Grace Darmond

Florence Desmond

Pauline Frederick

Gene Gauntier

Barbara LaMarr

Lillian Leighton

Margaret Livingston

Helen Lynch

Edna Mayo

Gladys McConnell

Evelyn Nesbit

Dorothy Phillips

Allene Ray

Evelyn Selbie

Mary Thurman

Jacqueline Wells

5'  3 ¾''

 Katherine DeMille

5'  4''
Olga Baclanova

Barbara Bedford

Constance Bennett

Mary Boland

Evelyn Brent

Alice Calhoun

Nancy Carroll

Virginia Cherrill

Dolores Costello

Joan Crawford

Grace Cunard

Marie Doro

Minta Durfee

Eugenia Gilbert

Lillian Gish

Paulette Goddard

Valentine Grant

Gilda Gray

Corinne Griffith

Elaine Hammerstein

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