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This web site is a tribute dedicated in memory of my Indigenous Australian Aboriginal daughter and son, Angelica-Nardoo and Gabriel, who are now dreaming the Dreamtime of The Will of The Divine Creator of Life. [I am beautiful radiant light emanating love through this physical body and my humble abode]

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Angelica 12 months old

This web page contains positive affirmations as hidden text. The colour of each word is only slightly different to the background colour, so it is quite difficult to impossible to actually see these affirmations with the naked eye. However, the unconscious mind or subconscious sees which is otherwise hidden to the conscious mind or to the naked eye. This can be classified as subliminal persuasion and in this case it is intended to enrich you, the reader, through positive suggestions with little effort played on your part. This can be used to change an individual's outlook of life. It is well known how advertisement agencies e.g., have used subliminal persuasion to help sell a commercial product. As far as I am aware, this is the first and only site to implement this tool in this UNIQUE, POSSITIVE manner.

If you wish to view these affirmations, which only exist on this page, depress Ctrl and A on your keyboard to select all. All of the affirmations will appear [blinking in between closed brackets, like so]. Otherwise if your browser does not support blinking text or you do not have java installed or it is disabled, the text shows in [closed brackets like so], without blinking.

Hi There Dear Reader. Dom and Family Here

This work is in the interest of self-sufficiency, with special focus on teaching the art of cultured-food for food preservation. This ongoing work empowers the reader with knowledge to realise optimal health and well-being. These achievable goals can be enjoyed by a simple adjustment in lifestyle. Taking one step at a time, my work-of-love here will guide you in the right direction to achieve this in your life. This is also for your enjoyment... so please, read on and ENJOY!! [each and every cell of my body is beautiful vibrates with positive energy healthy works efficiently with calm peaceful mental thought and graceful physical movement while experiencing ever-changing life]

Kefir moustache us

Our relatively new family, from left is myself, our daughter Shedea, and my wife Sandra [Feb. 2008]. Happiness and general health is not unlike a kefir moustache. What goes in or comes out of the mouth, can bring disaster or joy. The simple observer can interfere with the private selves of those who they observe. If we are not pro-creative in a positive manner to serve Life with Love, then we become con-degenerative. The good news is that it's never too late to Love and Live to serve in a pro-creative manner. When the time comes, and it shall indeed come to all of us at some point, that we or others around us fall, what can we do to help elevate the situation so that Love prevails and all involved may benefit? [I feel Peace flow through my whole being]

About this Page

Dear reader, this is my home page. Below is a multi coloured table. This is a Site Map, which includes links with a description to all my web pages. Except for this page, all my web pages include links to each other, located at the far bottom of each page. [The more grateful I am the more I prosper and the more reasons I find to be grateful]

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Extensive Work Dedicated to Kefir

There is good reason why most of my time and energy has been spent on the topic of kefir at this site. Out of all the culture-foods that I have experienced in my time, kefir is among the best, providing good, sound nutrition and provides many extra health benefits. In fact, kefir is among the more promising Functional Food. Functional food are those foods that contain components that provide a potential benefit to health, well-being and disease-resistance beyond the benefit expected from its nutritional components.

About Milk Kefir & Water Kefir Explains what traditional milk kefir and water kefir are, what kefir grains are and how these natural starters can be used. Also explains how to obtain my kefir grains and other products including my literature, which is unique on the subject of kefir. Yes, it's a fact that yours truly has taken kefir where no folk thought it could be taken to the extent that I have. Also on this page you will learn the difference between traditional kefir and kefir produced with artificial starters, or pseudo kefir prepared with commercial artificial kefir starters and not with kefir grains. Buyer become more aware ! and read this page, especially the section From Us to the Kefir Novice to better protect yourself against misinformation about true kefir, and kefir grains Vs. artificial kefir-starters.

Making Milk Kefir & Water Kefir How to prepare traditional milk-kefir and water-kefir. Includes recipes with kefir and also how to prepare liquid detergent from wood ash [the precursor to modern day liquid detergent]. Also explained are experimental methods for preparing kefir, such as the use of a pouch to hold the grains in their respective media, whether it be milk, sugar/water or herbal tea etc..

Kefirkraut and other Culture Vegetable-Making How to prepare salt less sauerkraut and other cultured fresh vegetables with the use of kefir grains implemented as a natural starter enhancer. My method hastens the fermentation process, producing a superior culture food. Kefirkraut is just absolutely delish, quick-and-easy to make taking just a few days to culture. Kefirkraut has been responsible for converting many a sauerkraut hater to kefirkraut devotees. Healthy food can be made to taste delicious, and so they should.

How to Prepare Kefir-Cheese & Kefir Sourdough Pizza & Bread Recipes for preparing fresh cheeses. Included recipes for mature cheeses with kefir [all rennet-free recipes developed by yours truly]. Also includes a recipe for a delicious wholesome Pizza prepared with kefir as a natural leavening agent [to rise dough]. This can be extended for making bread and other baked goodies.

Kefir Preserving Brine How to preserve fresh and cooked food with kefir. Exploiting the anti-oxidant of kefir used as a natural preservative to improve shelf life of a wide range of produce. For dog owners, storing fresh meat with added kefir improves your pet's diet. While preserving fresh meat it for weeks in the fridge, the meat is easier digested. To add as an example, dogs in the wild bury the carcass of a recent kill, hiding it from other scavengers. This tenderises the meat by the action of proteolytic enzymes [enzymes that can break down protein] produced by soil organisms. We can achieve similar results by mixing kefir with fresh meat, stored in the fridge in place of burying in soil.

Kefir FAQ Answers to common questions about kefir. Includes ideas for recipes, such as the use of kefir-whey, and ice-cream making with kefir-grains, for producing a superior probiotic desert with a delicious delight to-boot a shoe :)

Nutritional & Chemical Composition of Milk Kefir Nutritional content of kefir prepared with pasteurised whole cow's milk. Includes information on the characteristics, microbial evolution and chemical changes of kefir during storage.

Dom's ToothSaving Paste [DTSP]

The state and health of the Gastro Intestinal microflora begins in the mouth! Here is my recipe for a natural tooth paste superior among tooth pastes commercially available. Or order the handmade Dom's ToothSaving Paste fashioned by hand by yours truly and cherish the experience of healthy, clean teeth, strong gums and fresh breath. DTSP can literally reset the oral microflora to a healthy state, resulting in oral plague-forming organisms are kept in check. After a short period of using DTSP, there will no longer be a problem with plaque formation on your teeth. No more bleeding gums, and no more sensitive teeth [prevents and corrects tooth sensitivity after just a few uses]. It is now understood that the formation of plaque on teeth is a high risk of or is linked to plaque formation on the arteries. This problem begins in the mouth and is prevented or can be corrected by treating the mouth, the oral microflora to be exact.

Comparing Nutritional Value of Different Fresh Milk-Types

Nutritional value of fresh Cow, Goat, Buffalo, Sheep, Human and Soy milk.

Kombucha and Vinegar Making

The art of preparing Kombucha with a tango-twist and a Cha-Cha-Cha :) Also includes how to prepare a variety of vinegar, such as wine vinegar, honey vinegar, bee pollen vinegar and more.

Culture-Foods of Asia

Explains a range of traditional culture food-products of Asia such as Tempeh, Onchom, Koji, Miso, Tapeh, Red yeast fermented rice, Natto, Sufu, Amazakè, Sake and Soy Sauce.

The Use of Beeswax to Seal Utensils for Safer Brewing

An inexpensive easy simple method for sealing containers and utensils with a protective layer of natural beeswax to prevent unwanted elements contaminating your beloved brew.

Seed & Nut milk + Soy milk. Seed & Nut Cheese. Seed & Nut milk Kefir and Viili + Rejuvelac

Recipes for making home-made soy milk, seed & nut milk, seed & nut cheeses, soy milk kefir or viili, seed and nut milk kefir or viili, rejuvelac and more.

How Vitamins A and D of Cod Liver Oil can be used to Prevent and Correct Common Ailments

Ideas for the practical use of vitamins A and D found in Cod Liver Oil for the prevention and treatment of common aliments. My hope is that Medical science shall soon catch up with this important lifesaving knowledge, whether it has already been realised behind closed doors but won't disclose the facts or otherwise. Meanwhile, the masses should be made aware of the importance of Cod Liver Oil and how it is used to prevent or correct ailments such as common cold, influenza flu including the recent Swine Flu, throat and bronchial infection including other diseases caused by certain viral infection such as Hepatitis C, AIDS among others. With this knowledge one should feel confident that they are able to do something about these ailments for and by themselves or family members and friends, and doing so effectively and safety.

I've already done the hard work of years of trials with this vitamin therapy being a human guinea pig for this easy to do protocol since around 1986. All the reader needs to do is read the shared knowledge to gain an understanding of many years of work to be able to implement this knowledge successfully. This, without any doubt, can save lives.

How I Successfully Corrected Ulcerative Colitis by Natural Means

The practical use of a mono diet consisting of cooked brown rice and ingesting milk kefir-grains including rectal retained implants [suppository] of milk kefir-grains to successfully correct Ulcerative Colitis in my own case in 1999. I have been asymptomatic till current day [2010]. A natural method for correcting Irritable Bowel Disease [IBD]. Give the body the correct beneficial ingredients and the body can overcome most inflictions, just as the correct harmful ingredients can place the body and mind in an unbalanced state that causes disease.

A Tip for Cooking Foods and Preparing Herbal Tea

A simple, practical idea used in the kitchen for retaining essential volatile compounds found in food during preparing food and herbal tea.

Mixed Media Artwork + Sandra's Textile Crafted Handbags

Exhibits of our arty creations. Includes my wife Sandra's wonderful individually hand crafted handbags offered for sale. Most of my art creations incorporate cultures, and culture food-products. We hope you enjoy your visit there.

Hammond Organ and the Leslie Speaker + Music from my music CD: Music for-life

General information about spinet Hammond Organs, models M101 and L222. How the Leslie speaker cabinet produces the unique sound. Includes audio tracks from my current CD album: Music for-life with track description, lyrics and how to purchase your own copy of my CD. Get down and boogie with your cultures, or be hexagonal.

Sharing a real life story of my late daughter Angelica, who was born with a rare genetic disorder, Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome [SDS] or Shwachman Syndrome [SD], and how I as her father assisted the medics on the path for a correct diagnosis for this rare condition, for the team of doctors assigned to my daughter's case, originally misdiagnosed her condition with Congenital Rickets[born with rickets]. Her short life was responsible for the realisation of the benefits of the large intake of Vitamins A and D found in Cod Liver Oil for prevention and correction of a range of common ailments. [See below]

My Blog

Dom at 2.5 years of age

2-1/2 year old Dom

Creative passion among a wide range of interests, I feel, is what maintains a relationship between The Divine Creator of Life and myself, my family and my work. I love all animals and have been fortunate for caring of many an animal ever since I can recall. Stray animals have often come in my life, which I've gladly take under my wing with open feathers :) [my body heals quickly and easily and my mind adapts well to continual change. Beautiful]
Beginning in 1979, yours truly introduced to the folks of South Australia, and to Australia in fact, a wide variety of cultured food-products. This endeavour began shortly before I volunteered to manage a vegetarian restaurant Clearlight Cafe in the city of Adelaide, South Australia beginning in 1980. This oasis was situated in the city providing local city workers and travellers with wonderful organic, natural wholesome foods and beverages-- a conglomeration of a wide variety of recipes and different food-types from different human cultures. This convenient outlet increased awareness of a range of wholesome healthy foods that I took interest in and developed. Most of these culture food-products are explained at this site. The information is distributed over some 18 web pages. Yes, WOW! indeed. This certainly takes some time and effort to simply, read this extraordinary effort shared here without any cost to the reader whatsoever. Donations are always welcome to help cover costs of running this site.
[I de-serve Love I accept love love is returned multiplied when I share love with others. I rejoice and appreciate life]
Within a few years, the evolution of life took me to the point of realising the meaning behind, If you catch fish for folks, they eat for one meal. But if you teach folks how to fish, they can eat forever. With this understanding, I encourage the art of self-sufficiency, by assisting interested folks how to prepare mostly but not strictly, natural, wholesome culture food-products. Hence in part the creation of this site including a self-published Essential Manual, Kefir! A Probiotic Gem Cultured With Probiotic Jewels: Kefir Grains!

If you wish to purchase a copy of my e-book, please email me for purchase details, disclosing your country location. My email address is-

dna Please note that on the left is a picture and not text that you can copy-and-paste into an email program. With Thunderbird or Outlook, yahoo mail, gmail or hotmail etc. on the web, the email address needs to be typed in the To field. [I attract loving healthy relationships]

 Creative cooking, preparing healthy, wholesome, lacto-vegetarian dishes is also in the reach of my humble passions, some of which I enjoy sharing at this site 

 Kefir-Grains oh Kefir! Where Art Thi Culture-Art?  [I am well, I feel content with my life]

Self-mastering and then expanding on the art of preparing a unique, culture milk-product of the Caucasus Mountains known as Kefir came quite natural to me. This is because of the basic knowledge I have in the area of food fermentation based on old Italian Tradition, which I feel I was fortunate enough to be a part of my upbringing. This includes the fermentation of fresh grape juice for making wine, cheese making, culturing raw salted meat for making Prosciutto, Salami, Capicolo, Sopressata etc. Other ferments include vinegar pickled fresh veggies such as eggplant, capsicum green tomato and more. These are old methods developed for long term storage of fresh food, where refrigeration wasn't an option.

The process for kefir specifically relies on THE most interesting and beneficial, robust, self-perpetuating mother-culture of all known fermented milk starter-cultures. The starter is referred to as kefir grains an ancient, everlasting natural starter, used in fresh milk to prepare kefir, the feel-good healthy, nutritious and refreshing beverage. Kefir can be explained as a type of drinking yogurt, similar to cultured buttermilk.

Self-mastery soon after extended to the infamous water-kefir prepared with another unique natural starter-culture, a cousin to milk kefir-grains mentioned above. This particular natural starter is referred to as Water Kefir-Grains [WKG] or Sugary Kefir-Grains [SKG]. Although similar to milk kefir-grains in the way the mother-culture initiates fermentation and forms as individual biological bodies, SKG are used to prepare a vegetarian refreshing bubbly beverage-- water kefir. Water kefir can be described as a natural lemonade or Ginger Root Beer, but with a health-promoting probiotic with a tangy tango twist. [Are you still with me? Good, please keep bearing with me on the e-dance floor of knowledge-- rahhHH! OOps, did I just step on your toes?!] [I release any desperation and allow love to flow freely through my whole being]

 How Kefir Grains and Kefir were Introduced in My Life-- seek and ye shall find in good time 

I first became aware of milk kefir in the mid 1970s. Kefir was discussed in two books, the first book was How to Get Well by Dr. Pavo Airola and the second book was, Survival into the 21st Century by Viktoras P Kulvinskas M.S. The latter mentioned how milk kefir-grains could be used on soy milk to prepare a vegan version of kefir-- soy kefir. Both books are dedicated to explain self-help for well-being through fasting, raw food, whole naturally produced food with special focus on vegetarianism, lactic fermented milk and vegetables, sprouts,exercise and relaxation. On reading these books, I soon decided to put my feelers out for kefir grains, for I knew instantly that kefir would be something very worthy to include in my diet and lifestyle. I prayed and asked God something to the effect of, God, I Am. Oh Majestic Universal Omni-Present Father. When You Are Ready To Give, I shall certainly be ready to receive your mysterious gift of kefir grains . [now I am ready to release the dead past and be with joy. I act with love]
My prayer was answered a few years later [Patience is Golden]. While on an extensive grape-only diet or grape-fast in late summer of 1978, I was driving through the local hills for a daily swim at a favourite spot in a gorge. This was situated in the Adelaide hills, South Australia. As I was driving along a windy road well travelled by yours truly, I noticed a man pushing a racing bike with a punctured front tyre. I decided to turn back to ask if he needed assistance, for I was driving a station wagon with ample room to accommodate him and his bike, if the case arose. If he had to walk his bike to suburbia, it would be a long walk on that dry, hot, sunny summer day. Michael as his name turned out, replied that he didn't need a lift, for his abode was just around the next bend. He asked if I would like to visit his home and have refreshments and to meet his young family, for my stopping and asking if he needed assistance. I agreed. [I am gifted with a wonderful life and feel beautiful happy at peace]

We stepped into his kitchen of a well secluded wooden home, nicely tucked away in native Australian bushland. I drove past this humble home almost every day, but I was never aware it existed. I met Michael's wife Mnem, and their toddler, Hugh. In little time, my eyes focused on a jar of what appeared to be coagulated milk, standing in a corner of the kitchen bench. Something urged me to ask, Is the jar of coagulated milk on your bench top, kefir? by any chance? Mnem looked surprised and replied, Yes, it is! But how do you know about kefir? I replied that although I had not yet seen or tasted kefir, I read about the wonder super-food a few years prior, and I had been on the lookout for kefir grains to make my own kefir ever since. Mnem then asked if I would like to try some kefir. I stated that I would love to just put a few drops of kefir on my tongue, just enough to experience kefir for the first time. I recall keeping the grape cure to myself, for I understood too well that it is not wise to tell anyone that you are fasting. Otherwise it opens up doors, which should be otherwise left closed or avoided. Recall the Bible explains Jesus was lead by the Holey Spirit to go out in the wilderness and fast for 40 days and 40 nights.

Jesus was confronted by the devil who tried and persuade him to turn stones into bread to prove that Jesus was the son of God, the Divine Creator of Life, and to serve the devil instead of God with a promise that all kingdoms shall be His. [Mathew 4:9] The devil even quoted Scripture to Jesus, that if Jesus threw himself down the cliff, Angles shall protect Him [Mathew 4:6]. Jesus affirmed that It is written in the Scriptures, that man does not live on bread alone, but by every Word that comes from God [Mathew 4:4]. It is also written in the scriptures that God must not be put to the test [Mathew 4:7]. Finally Jesus demanded, Be gone Satan! Scripture says, You shall do homage to the Lord your God and worship God Alone [Mathew 4:10]. Then Satan fled and Angels appeared and waited on Jesus. [Mathew 4:11]

Folks can do some interesting things to try and test you if they know you are fasting. Lack of understanding and curiosity may get the better of them. In some cases, I feel, is being taken over by negative forces that try and tempt you to eat, possibly to self-gratify the energy that wants to manifest through the person. Take my word from experience and many a person who have fasted and published their experiences, with similar facts. When I have been tempted while fasting or otherwise, prayer is the only cherished tool that has worked for me to keep me on track.

O.K. let me take us to the original topic. Mnem gave me about 1 teaspoon of kefir to try. I can clearly recall the feeling I experienced from that very first tinny taste of real kefir made from raw Goat's milk, cultured with traditional milk kefir-grains, which originate from the Caucasus Mountains. The experience left me as though I found a long lost friend, an unusual feeling of familiarity came over me. Although the taste was quite unique compared to anything I had tried before. I also experienced a feeling that came from deeper within me, it was as though my body as a whole, was experiencing biofeedback for use of a different term, among my internal physical components. This was followed by an uplifting feeling, my surrounding environment was brighter, with better clarity of mind, and a sense of calmness. Since I was so deep into the extensive fast, and the effects fasting has on all the senses which are markedly sharpened, possibly provided me the opportunity to experience this. Where on the other hand, it is impossible to be conscious of such subtle bio-activity in day-to-day living on a normal diet.

To give another example, and going forward in time to help explain. One month after I broke that extensive grape-only fast and almost back onto a normal diet, I had a first cup of non-sweetened conventional black tea offered by a friend I visited. Within minutes after taking the first mouthful of warm black tea, I had a clear insight of the effect tea has on the mind, the unconscious mind to be more precise. The best way to explain the experienced activity is to imagine the mind as your computer monitor. Let's say that normal mental activity is 1/3 up your screen. On the top right hand corner of the screen, imagine complete whole words scanning across at a slow, steady rate, scanning from the top right and disappearing in the top left corner of the screen-- similar to a news flash displayed as moving text on your Television. But the words appear at the top of your screen. I was experiencing clear images of whole, random words scanning across the upper limits, or depths of the mind, which we are not normally aware of [I choose to make positive healthy choices that benefit and bring beauty to my life that I can experience clearly]

I am reasonably certain that this was the generation of random thought as words of the unconscious mind stimulated by compounds found in conventional tea. The image of each word was being clearly printed in my mind to be seen just like these very words you, dear reader are reading. The words did not produce a logical sentence, though. I could pick out any word as it scanned across, focus or zoom in on the word, and read the word one by one. In actual fact, we can also see this in another dimension. Instead of viewing it as top and bottom, it could in fact be a matter of depth of mind, the plane of which begins at a conscious level, reaching into an area of the unconscious. But I could not stop the random generation of any particular word, and neither could I choose any particular word to be generated. This was not in my control. "I" was simply the observer of this mental [?] activity. [Love heals my life and nourishes my mind body and soul]

I had a revelation that if I chose to, I could focus my mind and get into that state of random thought generation of the unconscious. However, as I investigated this possibility, I had an urge to keep in the current state of mind, as it were.

This state, and to use the screen analogy again, was about 1/3 of the way up from the bottom of the screen as explained above-- "I" was collective, calm and controlled. I needed to stay with "I" and simply observe as opposed to reaching out or becoming enveloped in the alternate state of mind of random thought. I concluded that certain compounds of conventional tea have the ability to stimulate creative thinking. So, next time you enjoy a cup of conventional tea, think about what's really happening in the unconscious mind while you sense the pleasure of the aromatic delight of tea on the taste buds at a conscious level. [I choose to do physical exercise regularly]

For me, this was truly a revealing experience. But I was never alone in this. I instantly recalled reading a book on fasting, a section of the book explained how we today, have a certain understanding of the effects that any particular herb has on mind and body. The book explained how centuries ago in China, dedicated Monks would fast for long periods surviving on water alone. They then ingested specific herbs to study the effect of the herb on mind and body, because the Monk's senses were sharp enough to experience the effect of the herb on mind and body. The results were documented and the knowledge was accumulated. As I'll explain later, reading about a topic such as the above is one thing, and experiencing it is another, the latter of which gives confirmation to the topic in question. [I am not my thoughts, feelings or senses. My senses have perfect clarity and they guide me well to safety]

On that lovely sunny hot summer afternoon, Mnem gave me a portion of her milk kefir-grains, the batch of which has been diligently cultured to this day. When I glanced my eyes on those white, soft slimy kefir grains and held a grain in my hand for the first time, I was in awe. I thought, What an amazing life-form these kefir grains are. I asked Mnem and Michael how they got their kefir grains. Mnem explained that a well travelled friend, a local yoga teacher at the time, was kind enough to give them a portion of his kefir grains some years prior. Apparently, he procured kefir grains during his travels abroad in Sweden, bringing the culture back to Australia. [I am a perfect design and love fuels my life]
I used kefir to break that very grape fast 2 1/2 weeks later, and I had a similar experience to the very first time I had a small taste of kefir. The grape cure, as it is better known, was endured for 7-1/2 weeks altogether. This is extremely extensive, in reference to a book on grape fasting written by Johanna Brant, The Grape Cure. Johanna was the originator of the Grape Cure, and she decided to spread the word after she cured herself of about stage 4 caner, that had spread to her vital organs. That particular grape cure was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. I prepared myself over a 5 year period so that my body and psyche would succeed a very extensive fast on just grapes. I practiced one-day weekly water-only fasts, numerous 5-day water-only fasts including juice fasting for 14 days during winter months and one extensive 20-day water-only fast a year prior, in early 1977. The cleansing action that occurred during the grape cure was absolutely outstanding, to say the least.

A foul smelling, thick creamy white substance eliminated around the roots of four bottom teeth, although I had perfectly healthy teeth at the time. I am certain that this substance was not secretions from pre-existing abscess of the roots of my teeth, due to gum infection or disease as such. Instead, these were final channels which the body created in order to eliminate unwanted substances from other areas of my body, from blood moving toxins from my lungs to the lymphatic glands around the neck, finally drawing out of my body through the gums. This happened on the 4th week during the grape cure.

About 1 cup of a similar substance discharged from the top of the ascending colon on the 6th week. This could quite possibly have been a pre-cancerous condition. This is what signalled me to break the grape cure, for I felt that I had reached my goal. My main concern since my early teens was a disposition of bowel cancer on my mother's side. This concern was alleviated on the 6th week of the grape cure, but I went ahead for another 2 1/2 weeks longer, just to be certain. I also used the colour of my tongue to determine when to break the grape cure.

Until that point, there was a noticeable white colour on the tongue, and it took about 7 weeks of the grape cure for the tongue to have a healthy pink colour, with no layer of discolouration, which is often white. This is going by what Johanna Brant explains in her book, where she explains that the colour of the tongue is a good indication of when to break the Grape Cure. Although she also goes on to state that the Grape Cure should under no circumstance go beyond 4 weeks. However on the other hand, my vast experience with fasting over some 5 years prior, and my intuition gave me insight to go that much further. Being young at the time, also had its advantage. Mind you, I began taking vitamin E supplementation from the 4th week on, for the heart is heavily stressed from fasting.

The grape cure is a most effective healing protocol. It is by far the most effective regime than any other type of fasting that I have practiced in my time. I read about things that my body experienced during the grape cure, in books dedicated to fasting including the book The Grape Cure. This included the elimination of toxins and cancer. However and once again, reading about something is one thing, and experiencing it, is another. That story is enough to publish a book on the subject though, so I'll end here.

SO, that's how kefir was entrusted to me and realised in my life-- one step at a time after first reading about kefir grains and then asking God, whom I thank each day for His special Gift of Kefir Grains. [I am relaxed, calm, fully aware of my surrounding environment and the Love I feel I also act up on]

The wonder-culture kefir-grains and super functional-food kefir, have not only helped multitudes of individuals realise and enjoy improved health, kefir has brought together folks worldwide to form communities to share their experiences and ideas. One such outlet is a free subscription to either or both of my kefir lists with Yahoo! Groups on the internet, Kefir_making and Real_Kefir_Making. If you are interested in a free subscription, please click here where you will be taken to my kefirpage with subscription links to both lists. [I feel stronger and healthier and at peace

To order milk kefir-grains, water kefir-grains, Viili, Kefirkraut, Kombucha or Dom's ToothSaving Paste, including my Music CD, please go to my kefirpage here for order details. [Perfection by design I am special, creative and wonderful]

Or simply email me at dna @ chariot . net . au disclosing your country location and Sandra or I shall personally reply you with a purchase list of our products including different payment options.

 Kombucha and Vinegar [I am a gifted beautiful empowered and empowering everlasting free spirit, creative I act on love toward others as an expression of life]

If you have an interest in Kombucha and Vinegar making, then you may not want to miss visiting my web page on these two subjects. Taking Kombucha to new heights just as I have taken kefir and other culture-foods, is what I share regarding these two subjects. I also share email correspondence between the late Rob Williams, a kombucha enthusiast and myself regarding a debate on kombucha.

 Viili and Caspian Sea Yogurt or Matsoni 

I also prepare Viili, another delicious culture milk-product with Scandinavian origin, which our family enjoy. Viili is also known as Scandinavian ropy-milk due to the unique, very thick, blob-like cohesive curd. Viili has a cohesive character in that the curd sticks to itself, rather than adhesive [sticks to foreign objects such as glass or spoons]. It leaves a spoon clean when the viili is poured off a spoon. Viili is said to be originally prepared with whole, raw Cow's milk during a period where the Cows enjoy a specific herb that only grows during a certain time of year, as part of the cow's diet. Apparently, this specific diet provides the cow's milk with a certain quality that stimulates growth of specific strains of friendly organisms and yeast, which when left to naturally ferment, produce thick polysaccharides with very little lactic acid production compared to other culture-milks, such as yogurt, kefir, koumis and others. This polysaccharide is responsible for the thick, ropey consistency of viili. However, a short whisk with a fork, the cohesive curd transforms into a thin, adhesive creamy liquid.

A relatively recent addition to the list of essential indulgence and thanks to the kind generosity of one of my internet list members who sent me a starter, we now also enjoy another unique culture milk-product known as Caspian Sea yogurt [CSY], which is also known as Matsoni. CSY is very similar to viili in microflora, flavour, consistency and its preparation. However, CSY has a little more lactic acid than viili, giving CSY a slightly more acidic flavour in comparison. CSY also has the cohesive thick curd character typical to viili, which readily becomes creamy by whisking.

Both viili and CSY are robust, everlasting natural cultures, if cultured on a regular basis to keep the viability of the organisms fresh and alive. The organisms which include lactic acid bacteria and yeasts, share a dynamic relationship, or perfect symbiosis which scientists are trying to gain a better understanding of the relationship between the different types and strains of organisms. The organisms of kefir grains also have this essential dynamic relationship, but are more evolved. Also, to prepare either viili or CSY, all one does is keep a little amount of previous product which is added to more fresh milk and left to stand at moderate room temperature for a day. Where as kefir can only be prepared with the natural mother-culture kefir grains-- the mother-culture is essential in the process for fermentation to produce traditional, authentic kefir. In fact, both water kefir and milk kefir are the only known culture foods that strictly rely on a biological mass made up of organisms and specific polysaccharide complex to initiate fermentation. These are truly fascinating realities.

A web page on both viili and CSY is coming soon. For the time being now, a short description with a photo of viili, which can also represent CSY due to both being so similar, is available at my product range section situated at my kefir page here.

 Culture Foods of Asia  [I am perfectly designed to resolve any problem that I may face, with patience, and calm, beautiful results]

A wide range of Cultured foods of Asia are also prepared and enjoyed in our abode of the friendly microbe-- i.e. our home. Following is a list of such products.

Tempeh a mold-fermented soy bean product of Indonesia is one such product. What raised interest in Tempeh and later on a small scale production of Tempeh, was learning that Tempeh is a vegetarian source of a complete high quality protein food that can benefit a vegan or vegetarian diet. An ideal high quality protein meal is achieved with a combination of different foods groups. As an example, 1 part Tempeh, 8 parts cereal grain such as cooked brown rice with 1/2 part peanut or sesame seed paste enjoyed in a single meal provides complete, high quality protein, that compares with beef steak for a diet that includes meat. What also took my interest was learning that Tempeh contains vitamin B12, which is said to be impossible to find in a strict vegetarian diet. There is debate whether vitamin B12 of Tempeh is the bio-active form, or the non bio-active form or precursor. It is believed however, that the traditional method for Tempeh making in Indonesia Vs. the commercial Tempeh production in the west, produces a larger amount of bio-active B12, in combination with a lesser quantity of non-bioactive B12 to correct and prevent vitamin B12 deficiency in humans.

In 1979, I began small scale production of tempeh here in Adelaide, South Australia. In 1982 I commenced trading under the registered company name, Lightwave Whole Foods. My product range soon expanded to the point where my now ex-wife Linda, my sister and my parents became involved, to produce a large variety of some of the best quality, spectacular traditional Italian and new-age sourdough products of many varieties. Our unique recipes improved on tradition. A list of those products are mentioned at my late daughter Angelica's web page here.

Koji is another Japanese fermented food-product developed by a mold fermentation on rice, barely or soy-bean, which I have much interest in. Koji is also used as a base to initiate the production of a larger variety of other culture foods in Japan, including China and Korea where Koji goes under a different name specific to the native language.

Amazakè or sweet sake is one such product commonly prepared with cooked, glutinous rice fermented with Koji just above body temperature for one day. The enzyme-rich Koji breaks down starch into simple sugars, producing a fragrant, sweet, porridge-like rice product. As the name suggests, Amazakè is a base from which sake is produced by secondary fermentation with yeast, which converts simple sugars into alcohol. However, sake requires a special type of rice, milled to remove as much of the outer portion of each grain of rice as possible, which otherwise produces low quality sake due to the outer portion of rice containing fats and protein. [beautiful love purifying my thoughts. I release feelings of struggle]
Miso with Chinese and Korean origin is another culture food-product which relies on Koji. For Miso, cooked salted soy-bean, rice, barley or a mixture is mixed with Koji and then aged in large crocks or wooden barrels. Over the past 30 odd years, Miso has become quite popular in the west -- Miso soup being a common example.

Soy sauce, another well known product in the west is also produced with enzymes of Koji. As with Miso, there are many different varieties of soy sauce. Soy sauce can also be prepared at home, be it that the process can be a bit complicated for someone new. The majority of commercial Amazakè, Miso and Soy sauce are pasteurised for sale, so the essential enzymes that these culture-products contain and are most favourable for better digestion of cooked food, have been destroyed, rendering these products no more than a mere condiment, rather than a functional food at their optimal quality. These products are pasteurised to extend shelf life, and to snap preserve the unique character of each product, which would otherwise vary left on shop shelves as it matures. Organically produced non-pasteurised varieties of these culture-products are expensive, let alone difficult to find. This is where making your own home grown, makes it all well worth the effort. [I am surrounded with the protection of golden light]

Natto is another soy-bean product of Japan fermented with a special strain of bacteria, Bacillus subtilis var. natto species which is also enjoyed in our home. Natto has a strong aroma and flavour of ammonia, combined with the long sticky strands produced by the bacteria, makes natto less appealing to someone new to the product. However, natto is very healthy for you, and the bacteria can synthesise vitamin K2 in the gut, while other benefits derived from a special enzyme of natto nattokinase, has been scientifically investigated in recent time. The enzyme shows promising benefits to the consumer.

Please note that there is another Japanese product known as Natto Miso, which must not be confused with Natto. Natto and natto Miso are explained at my Culture-Foods of Asia page, along with all the products in this section.

Sufu is a Chinese and Korean mold-fermented tofu [soy-bean curd], rich in enzymes and amino acids-- consisting of health-promoting peptides. Sufu is another enzyme-rich Functional Food. Unlike the majority of commercial Miso and soy sauce, Sufu is not pasteurised for sale, so the all-important enzymes are left intact in commercial Sufu. I often prepare my own Sufu with the mold used for making tempeh, Rhizopus oligosporus with wonderful results. However, and thanks to a microbiologist friend in China who was kind enough to supply me with a small amount of traditional strain of Sufu mold, I do prefer using this mold strain over tempeh mold for my homemade Sufu production. Thanks again, Li Li-te! I place Sufu as a super-food, in which one only needs to consume small amounts in order to prepare food and to attain some health benefit. One 1" [2cm] cube of Sufu added to a bowl or warm soup just prior to enjoying the dish, is an example of the amount of Sufu one can enjoy. Sufu adds a subtle edge to most cooked or raw foods meals to excite the palette enough, while benefits are highly rewarding!

Tape Ketan of Indonesia, is glutinous rice fermented with a mixed culture of mold, yeasts and lactic acid organisms including Tape Peuyeum, which is similar to tape Ketan but instead of glutinous rice, tape Peuyeum is prepared by fermenting cooked cassava root with tape yeast cakes. These are mostly produced in Java. All the above products are explained in detail at my Culture foods of Asia web page.

 The Development of New Culture Food-Products 

My interests and passion also lay in the development of a variety of unique, culture food-products. I find great pleasure in combining foods from different people-cultures or food-practises and creating new, interesting wholesome foods in the process. In a nut shell, my understanding of good nutrition and the preparation of whole foods, in the early 1980s both my parents an I developed foods that we married between traditional Italian recipes and Asian cultures that were prepared from organic or bio-dynamic whole raw food ingredients, both savoury and sweets. We took those foods right back to their origin, and married them to produce new whole foods before processing techniques that degrades food, were developed. A few examples of these follow.

Kefirkraut a salt-less or low-salt sauerkraut which may include a variety of fresh root and leafy vegetables and fresh herbs in the process for preparing unique, delicious and nutritious cultured-vegetables. I have yet found anyone who dislike common sauerkraut, dislike kefirkraut. Kefirkraut has made many a convert and devotee to the culture food-product.

Kefir d'erba medica a pro-herb-biotic version of water-kefir or milk-kefir prepared as delicious and interesting fermented bubbly herbal tonics.

Kefirlac a sprouted cereal grain beverage including a variety of other interesting culture foods, all of which are explained in good detail at my non-dairy milk web page. [My birthright is to be blessed with prosperity]
Kefir Cheese Making Explained at this site are some of my creations of 100% rennet free natural cheeses solely prepared with kefir or with kefir added to milk. These include Kefir-cottage-cheese, similar to traditional cottage cheese with an overtone in texture and flavour of the infamous Italian Ricotta fresh cheese.

Kefir-Leban a fresh sour curd creamy cheese, similar to German Quark.

Kefir-Straightjacket a delicious, flavoursome creamy dip prepared with Kefir-Leban above.

Kefir-SourCream and Kefir-Butter or Kefir Grain-Butter. Easy-to-do sour cream prepared with a little kefir added to fresh cream. When ever we purchase fresh cream, as soon as we get home, we open the container and add about 2 tbsp. of kefir per cup container of cream. This extends the cream's shelf life quite considerably, partly due to the antioxidant found in kefir, more of which is produced as it continues to culture even in the fridge. After a 2 week period the original fresh cream simply becomes kefirized sour cream, instead of spoiling. Also, I prepare Kefir butter by adding a small amount of freshly strained kefir to fresh cream. Left in a covered bowl for a day in a cupboard, to turn into sour cream it is churned to produce butter. This butter has a much longer shelf life in comparison to not using kefir to sour the fresh cream. To make kefir grain butter, the addition of about 1 tbsp. of milk kefir-grains blended with about 1/4 cup kefir, which is added to each 4 cups fresh cream. Left at room temperature to culture for 1 day it is then churned to butter producing a high yielding butter with an exceptionally good shelf life. The surface of the butter keeps its wonderful light yellow colour without discolouration due to oxidation that usually happens to commercial, or common butter.

Ice-cream making is another extension of kefir that I have developed. I produce a delicious product with anti-inflammatory and probiotic virtues, prepared with actual kefir grains, kefir including other natural ingredients, such as seed and nut milk, fresh fruit or fruit juice in a variety of combinations. Kefir ice-cream can be prepared with an electric ice-cream maker, or for the traditionalist, I explain the original method for prepared a gelati-style ice-cream. Here, salted ice is used to lower the temperature to bellow freezing point of pure ice from 0°C to -16°C. A tall, stainless steel pot holding the ingredients is embedded in the salted ice and then the pot is quickly spun in the salted ice. This quickly sets the ice-cream in about 10 minutes. Since the ice-cream sets quick it forms tinny ice crystals, which is what good ice-cream is. I have a You Tube video to explain the method for my ice-cream recipes. This can be viewed here for Durian [a tropical fruit] gelati. The basic principle can be used with any ice-cream recipe. However, the addition of a small amount of blended milk kefir-grains, sugary kefir-grains or both, which are added as a natural gelling agent, produces a superior ice-cream each time, with added health-promoting goodies. OK! I may be ahead of my time, and the reader may not be ready for this, yet! Only time shall tell, though. [My life is a joy filled with love, fun and friendship. I enjoy my own company as I enjoy Life]

Kefir Sourdough Products Wholemeal kefir sourdough pizza, breads, cakes, pancakes, scones, pretzels and donut type food products with kefir incorporated as a natural leavening agent are also some of the products I enjoy preparing and of course, our family enjoy eating. Some of these are explained at this site, but not in full at this point in time. I do intend extending on these in the near future. [I choose to stop all criticism. Forgive, relax and be open to love myself and others. beautiful]

Kefir as a Natural Preservative. In addition, I've explored a natural system for preserving fresh foods through secondary fermentation, using kefir or kefir-whey. This simple system implements kefir, or the separated whey by draining kefir through cloth to collect the acidic liquid whey portion, prepared as Kefir Preserving Brine [KPB]. The food of choice is preserved in KPB used as a marinade to extend shelf life of the food of interest, while KPB also improves digestion of the food, and adds flavour according to the herbs or herb spices used in the KPB recipe. [My concentration and recall are sharper and better each moment]

Non Dairy Milks and Veganism You may be interested to know how to prepare vegetable-based or non-dairy milks. Then feel free to check out my recipes for Seed & Nut Milk & Soy milk. You will also learn how to prepare kefir, yogurt and viili from non-dairy milks. In addition to these are Rejuvelac a fermented beverage similar to Kvass of Russia and Seed & Nut Cheese and Seed & Nut Yogurt. These culture food-products may be classified suitable vegan food, and should satisfy the need for the most stringent mind-healthy vegan, seeking alternatives to dairy products. I state mind-healthy vegan for good reason, for I understand too well fanaticism, with first hand experience. With self-realisation and guidance though, I have gladly gone through and past that stage in my life, ending up a happier individual.

I have learnt that one must not be lead by fanaticism, and fanaticism certainly clouds better judgement and the needs of others around us, including oneself. [I choose love joy freedom to enter in my life I am aware and sensitive to the needs of others around me and in my life]
Fanaticism is an addiction and no matter how optimal one thinks their diet is, an unfavourable outlook of life can only take away better physical and mental health, and not increase these. We must learn to gain practical tools to have a good outlook toward life and how we see our food and also how we interact with others that are, or come into our life. The world does not revolve around A vegan's ideology, nor around A meat eater's or otherwise. I've come to learn this, that if we look to our attitude and ideology, why we choose a certain path, we must be honest with ourselves, and not put our own ideology before others. The greatest love one can express, is to put your life up for someone else's, and to have great compassion and patience, for the table may one day be turned to face you. When I was a practising vegan, I learnt that it is respectful and wise to bend my ideals when visiting someone. If someone offers me something that they made and it contained animal products, I thanked them with gratitude and enjoyed with them, what ever they offered me at their table in their abode. After all, practising a discipline such as Veganism, is a private affair, it should not involve others, unless one asks.

 Healing [each and every cell of my body is fully nourished. Perfect communication among all cells of my body are performing at their best]

cheeky Sirasana I have a great interest in natural means for healing, mainly for self-medication or how to heal one self. My preference for the promotion of healing, is a combination of techniques, a conglomeration of which I feel can be summed up as intuitive healing as a process.

This includes Hatha yoga [left. You best laugh... or else!], vitamin A, D, C and E therapy, the practical use of kefir grains and kefir, herbs, diet, acupuncture in combination with strong magnets, Shiatsu, massage and fasting.

I also practice an advance form of cleansing and strengthening the nasal passage and sinus, with a yogic technique known as neti. This involves drawing up warm saline solution through one nostril using the upper throat muscles like a pump into the mouth, and then the solution is spat out. The technique is similar to blowing a didjeridoo, which involves circular breathing. A didjeridoo player can continuously blow through the didjeridoo while taking in a breath of air through the nose to create a continuous tone. To get the gist, try this-- fill your mouth with water, and then squirt out the water through closed lips with your cheeks as though you're blowing a kiss and at the same time take in a breath of air in through the nose: replacing the water with air is how circular breathing works.ONLY then stick insect, are you ready to play a didjeridoo or do advanced neti, just like I do.

Neti cleanses the nasal passage right through into the throat and behind the tonsils [where gargling alone does not reach], of mucus and unwanted organisms and their by-products. Like most yogic exercises, the technique for proper neti takes time and some effort to master. A simplified technique is performed with a neti pot with a spout filled with warm salt solution. The spout is placed against one nostril while the head is held horizontal to one side. We let gravity pass the solution through the nostril and while silently making the letter "G" as in "good" to close the throat, the saline solution passes out through the other nostril. A simplified version of advanced yogic neti can be done with the latter by letting the saline solution into the mouth, and then spat out, instead of letting it pass out through the opposite nostril.

On the other nostril [hand], advanced neti is achieved by forcefully sucking up the salt solution using the throat muscle and cheeks, forcing a strong stream of saline solution through the nasal passage, which will dislodge unwanted mucus and organisms from deep within the nasal passage and sinus. Neti is a good preventative and a cure for hey fever, and sinus problems. Neti is also a good preventative for the common cold, bronchial infection andg flu [influenza], because it is now understood how these conditions begin infection in the nasal passage. Neti can also reduce the time it takes to recover from those ailments that have taken root in the body.

Performing neti on a daily basis strengthens the nasal passage and sinus, making the body more resilient against strep throat, hey fever, common cold and influenza etc.

Importantly, I find healing is amplified through the art of meditative-prayer and mental visualisation. Effective visualisation has a beneficial effect on the autonomic nervous system, and the immune system. It can amplify the way in which these do their job for more effective healing and prevention of disease.

Through my walks with life thus far, by practising such disciplines, I have assisted the healing process in myself, other individuals and many different wild animals including pets.

An example. In 1999, yours truly was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis by two independent Gastroenterologists. One may ask, how in heavens above did I contract UC in the first place, if I have been focusing on good diet and lifestyle since my early teens? To sum it up, I, like yourself the reader, have made unfavourable choices in my time. We may ignorantly choose to take a path that has unfavourable consequences. We are human and prone to being led off the path. Well, this is what happened to me during that part of my life. Anyway, after three months of cortisone treatment prescribed by my Gastroenterologist, and without any beneficial response on my behalf after 3 months of treatment, it came clear to me that I had to take matters into my own hands with an alternative approach in order to heal this terrible, frustrating condition, which was progressively getting worse by the day. If you would like to review the treatment I came up with to correct this condition, then see this web page. [each moment Life is a joy filled delightful surprise. I choose to understand an illness that I may suffer, by embracing a higher authority. I am not a victim to fear of an illness. I conquer illness with a calm attitude, I desire to open my mind to the natural process and methods of healing]
 Music and Saving the Whales  [Love is musical essence from my heart nourishing my life, peaceful, revitalising, beautiful, empowering each and every cell of my whole being]

I am a composer and musician, a keyboard player in fact. My passion for the infamous Hammond organ and Leslie speaker system is shared at my music page. There you can download full versions of 3 tracks including a few other sample tracks of my music CD, Music For-Life which includes11 music compositions. There is a track listing with a description and lyrics of all the songs on the CD. You can enjoy listening to full versions downloaded to your iPod, mobile phone, mp3 player or on your computer. I have written a song, Let's Say Kefir! which is about how folks around the world pronounce KEFIR.

Another song Sayonara Whalers, is about saving the Whales which may interest you. A current Japanese interest to lift the ban on whaling for profit is currently underway. This movement is constantly chiselling away at the banning of whaling for profit, so those who do not want whales slaughtered must be on constant alert. I am continually amazed how a human culture that has advanced so far, has such little respect or understanding for the lives of special creatures. Whales are gentle, curious, trusting and wise souls with CULTURE. Their ability to raise the human spirit, is well known. They have feelings and they grieve deeply when a family member is lost or killed, and they sing song when they are content or seeking a partner.

Whales in many respects are not indifferent to us. Australian Aboriginal Whale Dreaming declares that if we kill whales, we kill the human spirit. Mother Japan, give us your savoury Miso, your aromatic natto with Wasabi, sweet fragrant Koji and Amazakè and many other foods mostly of Chinese origin that you have taken, but your fetish for the slaughter of whales for their meat under the guise of scientific research-- no thanks! I drink your warm Sake with Kanpai to that tune, and I wish good fortune to our whale populations and for the maturation of the Japanese spirit for compassion and understanding of other living creators that we are fortunate to share life on this planet.

Please pass this important message on, and partition against the killing of whales when and where you can. If the reader knows of any organisation that can use my song to raise awareness of saving the Whales, then please forward them onto me or to this site. The song Sayonara Whalers would make a great theme track for a movie or documentary on Saving the Whales. [Majestic Protective Nurturing Love Embraces my Life I Express Love to Others around me. Beautiful I am]

 Art Work and Hand Crafts 

My wife Sandra and I enjoy creating mixed media art, some of which is portrayed at our e-art gallery. Sandra is a very clever textile artist, with an existing degree in Pattern Making and Fashion Design. Sandra has a few of her hand crafted hand bags and purses listed for sale and on display at our e-art gallery, which we hope you enjoy. [Persistence and determination are omnipotent tools I choose to use. I am stable robust creative adapting well to ever changing life]
 Gardening  [I was born to succeed. I succeed to full fill each goal I imagine one at a time]

We grow a variety of fruit trees such as Apple, Peach, Orange, Pomegranate, pink fleshed Guava, Feijoa or Pineapple Guava, Grape vines which include Concord, black Afghan Sultana, white Muscatel and a black current type grape. We have a giant Kalamata olive tree, and grow our own vegetables and herbs in our custom bio-dynamic garden. I use my own rendition of Bio-dynamic methods exclusively with kefir, kefir whey, wood ash, egg shells, lime stone, bone meal, wood charcoal including other organic raw materials to prepare a most effective, liquid kefir fertiliser that gives extensive high yields. We also farm friendly earth worms, a mixture of red worms and tiger worms. These honest hard workers or big eaters, provide rich worm castings for our garden, which in turn, feed a collection of our herbs, fruit trees and vegetable patch; and in a 360?turn, feed us, once again.

NO! you weren't listening. We don't eat our earth worms U willy wag tail U :-)

[I am not concerned about how I appear to others instead I take the opportunity to experience joy]

To Reveal A Private Prayer, click and hold down your left mouse button, and drag the cursor right through to the end of this purple table.

Divine Creator of Life, You are I Am. Above all that was, is and shall be, Blessings upon I Am. Praise and Bless You my Living God. You Hear my prayers. I ask You to Forgive me of all the sins I have made and teach me how to keep protected and to stay sin free. Shine Your Peace in the Heart and Lives of those who fear You. Guide and Heal those souls seeking comfort from pain, sickness, grief, loneliness and the Hungry. Cast out all pain and suffering from them. Let demons of death and disease, greed and thieves of mind, body and soul be by Your Light, cast out from Your People. Pass Your Shining Healing Hand of Light Over the sick. Cast out infliction from the body, heart, mind and souls of those who Call Your Name. God Fuse Your Word which is Love in Your People. Teach me what I must learn to Better Serve You, be it your will. I accept Your Healing, Love and Light. Omni Father, Increase My Faith In You, and Guide me to keep Focused On You. Bless the Reader God, all this I forward as I look To You, Through Your Holy Son and our Saviour Jesus, the Omni-supreme and Conqueror of death. Jesus, Refresher of Life. Stand as our Witness, Lawyer and Sole Solicitor between us and God our Father in Heaven. God And Jesus

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