Info about HD Holdens


Month of launch:  February 1965

Price when new:  $2320 (1160 pounds) for a standard sedan

Number built:  178,927


 2.45 litre (149 cu inch) six cylinder high compression (8.8:1 149D) and low compression(7.7:1 149E)

2.95 litre (179 cu inch) six cylinder high compression (8.8:1 179F)

2.95 litre (179 cu inch) six cylinder high compression X2 (8.8:1 179X) 

the 149 engine has a bore of 3.25 in and the 179 engine a bore of 3.563 both have a 3 inch stroke


 3 speed manual gearbox

2 speed powerglide automatic transmission


Standard sedan (HD/215), Special sedan (HD/225), Premier sedan (HD/235), Standard station sedan (HD/219), Special station sedan (HD/229), Premier station sedan (HD/239), panel van (HD/2104), and utility (HD/2106).


 All new body with horizontally slatted grille split by vertical bar bearing the Holden badge protruding front guards extend past headlights and merge with front bumper.



The HD had a completely new body (following EH). Engineered entirely in Australia, the new model offered substantial increases in passenger and load space. Disc brakes were offered as factory option for the first time. Early demand for the HD Holden was exceptionally high. During the first few months, sales outstripped those of the record breaking EH. The X2 motor was offered as an option on all models and developed 105kW by virtue of the twin carbys, a modified camshaft, new manifolds, and a low restriction exhaust system. The three speed hydromatic transmission was replaced by the Powerglide two speed. With a choice of three engines, two gearboxes and an expanded options list (which included the latest fashion , the vinyl roof) the HD gave the Holden buyer the greatest choice yet.

In 1965 20,000 Holdens were exported.



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