Info about HR Holdens


Month of launch:  April 1966

Price when new:  $2167 for a standard sedan

Number built:  252,352


 2.65 litre (161 cu inch) six cylinder high compression (9.2:1 161R) and low compression(8.2:1 161R)

3.05 litre (186 cu inch) six cylinder high compression (9.2:1 186A)

3.05 litre (186 cu inch) six cylinder high compression X2 (9.2:1 186K) Twin manual choke carburettors

3.05 litre (186 cu inch) six cylinder high compression 186S (9.2:1 186K) single auto choke 2 barrel carburettor

the 161 engine has a bore of 3.375 in and the 186 engine a bore of 3.625 both have a 3 inch stroke


 3 speed manual gearbox

4 speed manual gearbox

2 speed powerglide automatic transmission


Standard sedan HR/215, Special sedan HR225, Premier sedan HR/235, Standard station sedan HR/219, Special station sedan HR/229, Premier station sedan HR/239, panel van HR/2104, and utility HR/2106.


 Revised version of HD body, with turn signals set in the grille, and squared off front guards, headlights have squarish chrome surrounds, and revised rear lights.



When sales of the HD started to wane, Holden hit back with the HR. Although the body changes looked mild, they involved reworking the roofline and changing almost all the exterior panels to give a sleeker more modern profile. Carbuyers responded by making the HR one of the biggest selling Holdens.

Exterior changes were also effected at both ends, with squared off headlight surrounds and tower type lights at the rear. Performance was improved with enlarged versions of the "red" motor and higher compression ratios.

The new twin carburettor X2 engine boasted 109kW, (145bhp) making it the most powerful Holden engine built.

Other changes included a slightly widened track, a wider rear windscreen and plusher cabin trimmings, including a woodgrain finish for the Premiers interior. Options included power steering, front wheel disk brakes, and a limited slip diff. Six months after the launch, all HR's were given the safety upgrade of front seat belts, windscreen washers, reversing lights, sunvisors, and shatterproof interior rear-vision mirror.

From June 1967 (from engine No 186K162701) the 186S engine become available and had the same power output as the X2 engine, however it had a 2 barrel single carburettor (X2 had 2 carbies) and had Holdens first automatic choke. At the same time, a floor shift four speed manual gearbox was offered as an $85 factory option.


Location: SA A, QLD B, Vic M, WA P, NSW S.



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