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this region is currently being encroached by the mining industry - see the u[n]sa journal for details

rugged inaccessibility affords this region its greatest protection from human impacts - as a result it is now arguably south australia's most pristine wilderness area, free even from significant weed incursion

past management has left the area in outstanding condition, but in order to keep it that way some manner of formal recognition and a declaration of protection needs to be made by the state government

even the arkaroola wilderness sanctuary - which covers only the southern half of the area, the remainder being an even more exposed pastoral lease - has unfortunately already been seriously encroached by the mining industry - see the u[n]sa journal for details

see also the flinders ranges image pages on this site [left]...

...or the extensive flinders ranges set on flickr [right] - which can also be viewed as a slide show
along the razorback - link to the flinders ranges set on flickr

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