Bryan Bros. open direct action windmill type 2. circa 1938

Bryan Bros. Direct Action Windmill

Bryan Bros. open direct action windmill type 1.     The 6ft CYCLONE windmill was one of Bryan Bros. earliest designs and was a direct acting windmill manufactured from 1888 to 1930 onwards. It was an older style open design windmill with three spokes and 5 blades per section. The main 'U' shaped casting held both sides of the crank formed in the hub shaft. The tail was of flat sheet.
    A later version of a direct action windmill was available in 6 ft only. It had a zinc plated body that was painted Chamberlain orange, and sealed ball races. It was intended for use in shallow bores, dams and rivers. It had 3 fan sections, 15 blades and 2 rings.
Photographed by B. G. Hewitson, 2005
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