Advert for Harrison's Windmill from G.F. Witton's Commercial Directory of Victoria, 1895

Isaac Harrison Windmill

    Isaac Harrison was a plumber and tinsmith of Manifold Street, Camperdown, Victoria. He manufactured Harrison's windmill as well as other water related products and dairy utensils. The Harrison windmill was also manufactured by Murray Bros, Iron and Brass Founders, Engineers and general blacksmiths of Mercer Street, Geelong, Victoria. See below their 1895 advert from the G.F. Witton's Commercial Directory of Victoria.
    Isaac HARRISON was born about 1835. His business was established Ca.1863, but a site is not identified for it until 1870, when a house and shop at the corner of Scott and McNicol Streets, Camperdown appear in his name. By 1884 he had moved to a house and workshop on Manifold Street. The first collected record for Harrison windmills occurs in 1895. At that date MURRAY Bros of Mercer Street, Geelong are also advertising as makers of the Harrison windmill. As they had a foundry they may have supplied the cast parts. A sub branch was started at Cobden by Isaac's son George HARRISON Ca.1899. Isaac was buried at Camperdown in February 1903, and the business passed into George's name later that year. In 1913, both businesses were still in operation. The main premises and factory appears to have covered a considerable area. By then it was a large establishment selling a wide range of products including, items made in its factory. These included tanks, tin-ware, and windmills. About thirty tradesmen were employed by the company at that time. George HARRISON was eighty five when died in 1948. A closing date for the business is not known,nor the date of the last windmill production. HARRISON also sold other windmill brands.
Information and advert courtesy of Craig Pink.
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