The Inglewood Windmill. Morawa Museum, Western Australia
click for larger image of Inglewood windmill tail, Morawa Museum, Western Australia 77kb click for larger image of Inglewood windmill head, Morawa Museum, Western Australia 124kb

Photographed at the Morawa Museum, Western Australia in October 2006 by H. Walter.

The Inglewood Windmill

This forge made windmill is from Inglewood, South Australia. The maker is unknown. He appears to have made at least two different windmills and may have made others. Some of the metal used to make the windmill is obviously second-hand, for example, the strapping around the tail.

Blacksmith's shop near Inglewood, South Australia.

This historic photograph (below) of a blacksmith's shop was taken close to where the windmill was collected from and may have been where it originated, though this is only supposition.

Wooden tower near Forreston, South Australia Historic photograph courtesy of M. Raglass.

This photograph of a wooden tower (left) was also taken in the same general area from where the windmill was collected and the design would suit the Inglewood windmill, but again this is only supposition and further information is required before it can be taken as fact.

Photographed at Watts Gully Road, Forreston, South Australia in 2003 by B. G. Hewitson.
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