Unknown Windmill 1

Unknown Windmill. New South Wales Unknown Windmill. New South Wales
Left side view of head. Right side view of head.

Two sizes of this mill have been found, one with an 8 ft windwheel and the other with what is thought to be a 10 or 12 ft windwheel.
The actual mills were photographed a thousand kilometres apart, in northern and southern New South Wales, Australia.
There are no discernible markings on the parts, or indication of the country of manufacture.
The tail vane (not pictured) is made from a sheet of small pattern galvanised corrugated iron.
It is estimated that construction date could be between 1890 to 1940.
Unknown Windmill. New South Wales
Wind wheel showing hub casting
Photographs by Graham Clegg of the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, Australia.

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