Fuchsia Species

Requests are often made for information on Fuchsia species. If you are resident in Australia and would like to know more about these plants and their availability, please call, Don Scrase on (08) 8390 1629.

Core samples taken from a drilling rig and containing fossilised pollen, confirm that Fuchsia Species existed in Australia many millions of years ago?

The following list of Fuchsia Species may not be correct. Modern research facilities have made it possible to re examine the genetics of individual plants. It is now believed that several of the species listed could by natural hybridisation be cultivars. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

F.alpestris F.ampliata F.andrei. F.apetala F.arborescens. F.ayavacensis. F.boliviana. F.boliviana var. alba. F.brevilobis. F.campii. F.campos-portoi. F.cinerea. F.coccinea. F.crassistipula. F.cyrtrandroides. F.decussata. F.denticulata. F.dependens. F.excorticata. F.fulgens. F.fulgens var. gesneriana. F.fulgens var goselli. F.fulgens var. michoacans. F.fulgens var. minuata. F.fulgens var rubra grandiflora. F.furfuracea. F.gehrigeri. F.glazioviana. F.hartwegii. F.hatschbachii F.inFlata. F.insignis. F.jimenezil F.juntasensis. F.lehmannii. F.loxensis. F.lycioides. F.macrophylla. F.macrostigma. F.magdalanae. F.magellanica. F.magellanica var. aurea. F.magellanica var. aurea variegata. F.magellanica var comber. F.magellanica var. conica. F.magellanica var discolor. F.magellanica var. globosa. F.magellanica var. gracilis. F.magellanica var. longipedunculata. F.magellanica var macrostema. F.magellanica var molinae (alba). F.magellanica var. myrtiFolia. F.magellanica var. pumilla. F.magellanica var. thompsonii. F.magellanica var tricolor. F.magellanica var versicolor. F.mathewsii. F.nigricans. F.pallescens. F.paniculata. F.paniculata ssp mixensis. F.perscandens. F.petiolaris. F.pilaloensis. F.pringsheimii. F.procumbens. F.procumbens var argenteus. F.procumbens var variegata. F.putumayensis. F.regia. F.regia ssp regia. F.regia ssp reitzii. F.regia ssp serrae. F.sanctae-rosae. F.scabriuscula. F.sessiliFolia. F.simplicicaulis. F.splendens. F.splendens cordiFolia. F.steyermarkii. F.tilletiana. F.triphylla. F.vargasiana. F.venusta. F.verrucosa. F.vulcanica. F.wurdackii