The Penfield Model Engineers Society was formed by a group of enthusiastic live steam model makers in 1969. Their first project was a short section of portable railway track that enabled them to participate in that Year, Defence Institute, Annual Children's Christmas party. Membership has been expanded to include 120 metres of a HO HOn 3 model railway track (on a 6 x 4 metre 2 layout). radio controlled power and sail boats ¼ scale speedway race cars.

Some 1.5 kilometres of ground level miniature train track of 7½ inch and 5 inch was established with 250 metres of sidings, loading bridge, turntable, steaming bays, pits and a carriage shed. Also included was a station, three bridges, signals, a workshop and extensive landscaping. Also there was a 250 metre elevated railway (of 3½ & 5 inch gauge) around a 3,000m3 boat pond.

Since September 2000 the ground level railway has been completely rebuilt. To date the elevated 3 and 5 inch track, which was removed to facilitate rebuilding of the ground level track, has not as yet been rebuilt. This elevated track was mainly only ever only used during the Australian Association of Live Steamers Society Conventions which is hosted about once every six years. 

A very successful reopening was held on Sunday the 27th of January 2002 with some 240 visitors attending our first Open Day with the new track. Unfortunately in August 2002 the club was forced to close once again due to Government Bureaucracy as new State Legislation was introduced that required the Club to be registered as an Amusement Device. This was finally sorted out and operations resumed on the 26th of January 2003.


Worker A new carriage shed, loco shed and workshops have been built and floors concreted. New elevated steaming bays have been built, complete with unloading ramp, turntable and a traverser to move locos across the steaming bays. Electrical cabling has been installed under ground and wiring inside the sheds has been completed. A new Station has been erected, also a veranda has been erected at the rear of the club-rooms. A main line loop of 450 metres encompassing the 1/4 scale car track, club rooms and boat pond along with associated sidings has been completed. A large earth mound incorporating a fly over has also been built taking the track out into a former wheat field out towards the Gawler Railway Line. This has required building of a further 540 metres of track. A pool liner has been installed in the boat pond to help prevent leakage. A brick retaining wall has been erected around a cutting at the western end of the boat pond and of an over way bridge has been built to allow visitors to safely enter the grounds through a new entrance gate from the Car Park.

Improvements inside the club-rooms have seen ducting connected to the air conditioning and a false ceiling installed. Panelling has been fitted to the canteen, a large viewing window has been fitted to the front of the HO HOn3 model railway and new lighting installed throughout the building.

 Assistance with landscaping of the rebuilt club was being given by a schools project, designed to teach students the art of landscaping. Portion of what was a wheat field and has been revegetated with native trees and grassed, by members, with the assistance of a grant by the SA Urban Forest Biodiversity Program.

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b Grounds are situated on Woomera Road, Edinburgh Parks. South Australia. When driving north from Salisbury along Commercial Road, turn right at the Round About onto Purling Avenue, then right again onto Woomera Road.
Entry to the car park is via the second gateway, by the NCY Hall. There is ample parking in this car park and entry to the Club is through the gate situated in the left hand corner of the car park, walk over the overway bridge and you are there!
Open Days are held on the last Sunday of the Month with the exception of December.



Membership is open to any one interested in the art of model making and model engineering in general. Whilst the building and operating of a model/models is encouraged, any one interested in being apart of and helping to maintain and operate the club is most welcome to join.


[In early September 2000 the devastating news was received from the State Government that they required (a minor) easement through the property, occupied by the Club, to build a new road! This was particularly unfortunate as we were assured by the Department of Trade & Industry, on the 19th of April 2000 that our continued tenure of the area was assured for the next 3 to 5 years. Also we were only given 8 weeks to vacate the land that was required for road works to commence. This meant that more than half of the existing rail tracks had to be pulled up resulting in the entire layout having to be pulled up and rebuilt. Our last Public Run Day was held on Saturday the 23rd of September and a final inter club run was held on Saturday the 30th of September. Operations to pull up the railway were already under way on the last Public Run Day and by Monday the 2nd of October almost all of the old track had been removed.]


Birthday Parties/group bookings please email the Secretary

For general club business please contact

Lynn Venning.    (Secretary)     
Ray Hall.     (President)
P.O. Box 792, SALISBURY. S.A. 5108


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