Wall Families in Australia

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Our line so far traces from

At this stage this is as far up the line as I have managed  to get - Mind you I am working on it 

Grandpa's climbing the Family Tree.
He's going to the top. 
He says he'll go to Adam and Eve 
Before he has to stop. 
If he gets a little tired 
And has to take a break, 
He might stop at the Vikings 
But there's no telling yet. 
It is, of course, his legacy 
To all he dearly loves.
They'll sure know where they came from 
When he is up above.


1st Generation (at this stage) 

Thomas Wall born abt 1700 & Married Elinor or Eleanor ?

1. William Wall Chr 5 Feb 1719 Kington Hereford

2. Thomas Wall Born 1720 Chr 18 Jan 1721 Kington, Hereford Married Elizabeth ? born 1723 Pencombe, Hereford buried 23 Jul 1789 Pencombe Hereford

3  Samuel Wall Chr 28 Jun 1724 Kington, Hereford

4. Elinor Wall Chr 24 Dec 1727 Kington, Hereford .  Elinor married Evan Evans on 5 May 1754

5  Richard Wall Chr 6 Jan 1728 Kington, Hereford 

6. Joseph, Chr 26 Dec 1729, Kington, Hereford

7. Jane, Chr 4 Jun 1732, Kington, Hereford 

8. James Wall Chr 17 May 1734 Kington, Hereford

9. George, Chr 25 Jul 1736, Kington Hereford

2nd Generation

1. Thomas Wall Chr 18 Jan 1721  was the son of Thomas & Elinor ? He married Mary Collins by licence at Eardisley  on 2nd Mar 1750

Their children were 

1. Edward baptised 10 Jan 1752 Died 16 Mar 1752

2. Mary baptised 19 Mar 1753 

3. Thomas Wall baptised 23 Feb 1755

4. John baptised 14 Aug 1757

5 (our Edward Wall) baptised 30 Sep 1759

6. James Wall baptised 23 Oct 1763

7. Samuel Wall baptised 27 Mar 1768


3rd Generation

2. Edward Wall  Chr 30 Sep 1759 and married Ann ?-by licence at Staunton on Wye on 13 February 1794.  

Their children were

1. (our) Edward Wall was baptised on Jul 4 1794  

2. Anne Wall was baptised on 27 Apr 1798

3. Mary Wall was baptised on on 29th Nov 1799

Edward's wife Anne died between 1799 & 1813  

Edward Wall, then a widower married Margaret Farr by licence at Kington on  29th May 1813

The children of this marriage were 

1. Thomas Wall baptised  27 May 1814

2. Elizabeth Wall - baptised 31 Mar 1816

3. John Wall - baptised 13 Sep 1818

Edward aged 79 at death, was buried at Chickward on 3rd Sep 1837


4th  Generation


1. Edward WALL4thGG Wall Aged 70.jpg (134515 bytes) Farmer 

 b. 1801 of Eardisley Herefordshire ,  married Elizabeth THOMAS b. at Lyonshall 1795 by licence at Lyonshall on 14 Feb 1820. 

Both bride and groom signed the register and the witnesses were Edward Thomas & Mary Thomas.  Elizabeth WALL (nee Thomas) of Woolton aged 80 years was buried on 12 Aug 1875.   Woolton otherwise Wooton is near to Eardisley. 

Residence The Parsonage Eardisley   


A Map courtesy Google Earth , showing Parsonage Farm in relation to the township

Eardisley.gif (449693 bytes) Click on thumbnail for a larger image

Edward & Elizabeth had the following children 

5th Generation.   

1. Our Edward  WALL

2.. Elizabeth WALL born 1822  

3. Robert WALL born 1824 

4. Sarah WALL born 1826

5. Richard WALL born 7 Jun 1827 - lived 4 days buried 11 Jun 1827

6. Ann WALL born 1828  Christened 29 Jun 1828 - Anne was listed in the 1851 Census as a house Servant living at 2 Old Court (next door to the Vicarage of the Vicar of Bredwardine - a Newton D.Newton.  The Vicar had one daughter Julia  Newton and eight house servants ) and she worked for the Benjamin Parry, (a Farmer's  household).  Living at No 3 was a James Bennett , Head of the Household who farmed 234 acres and employed  6 labourers.  Also in that household the Curate of Bredwardine Rev W.H.C.Meriwether was a boarder.   

7. Richard WALL born 1829  - Chr 30 Jul 1829 Eardisley On The Night of  the 1881 the British Census shows Richard as aged 51 of Wooton Farm ,  Eardisley and his occupation was that of a farmer of 150 acres who was employing 3 Labourers

His wife Mary was aged 46 (she was born at Cregina, Radnorshire, Wales) They had an unmarried daughter Mary  then aged 24, (born Eardisley, and a niece Mary Ann aged 6 daughter who was born at Kington, Hereford. There were 3 servants a Jane Breese aged 16, a James Brookes  21 (Farm servant Indoors) and a John Turner 22, (Farm Servant Indoors) Source FHLFilm 1341628 PRO Ref RG11 Piece/Folio 2608/ 17 - Page 1

8. Diana WALL  born 1831  Chr 16 Oct 1831 Eardisley  

9. Thomas WALL  born 1834 Chr 25 Jan 1834 Eardisley

10. Mary WALL  born 1835 Chr 11 Nov 1835 Eardisley

I know little or nothing about Robert and also Sarah, and any descendants of the first Richard will be aware they don't exist,  Diana, Thomas & Mary have so far turned up missing.  There must be some descendants in the UK or maybe America , Canada or elsewhere .  I would be pleased if anyone researching Wall families is able to fill me in with some details. 


Our Edward Edward WALL2.jpg (34790 bytes) was born in 1821- and he and his wife and family came to Australia in 1863 on board the Mary Shepherd.  Edward died aged 63 on 22 Jul 1884 and is buried at Barabba SA.  Cause of death on death certificate was stated as 'gout in stomach'.

Pen & Ink Drawing of the Mary Shepherd - Courtesy New Zealand Library and used with permission 


Emigrants on board sailing ship

The 1851 WALES Census shows Edward and Mary living  at Gladestry with Sons John & Edward (Reference H.O. 107/2492)


Edward & Mary Ann 5.jpg (141814 bytes)

Edward and 

Mary Ann WALL 'nee Ball' 

Edward & Mary Ann came to Australia
on the 'Mary Shepherd' which arrived
at Port Adelaide on Saturday 18th April 1863.- 

More about the Mary Shepherd

The following land grants were issued in South Australia.

Edward - the father of John & Edward- bought land on credit at Wandearah West (Hundred of Wandearah) 

Wandearah Nomenclature Aboriginal for 'big trees'. 

Click on the link below to see where the farm was located

WALL E,Jnr; Victoria; Hd Wandearah; Sect 92, 93; total area 838 acres; 838; 16-7-1879

WALL Edward; Daly; Hd Mundoora; Sect 474, 475N; total area 640 acres; 703; 20-11-1877

WALL Edward; Daly; Hd Mundoora; Sect 473S; total area 99 acres; 101/9/6; 19-11-1878

John also bought land on credit  at Wandearah 

WALL John; Victoria; Hd Wandearah; Sect 70W, 71; total area 677 acres; 677; 1-2-1878

WALL John; Victoria; Hd Wandearah; Sect 24E; total area 155 acres; 155; 9-8-1878

WALL John; Victoria; Hd Wandearah; Sect 23S; total area 168 acres; 168; 31-3-1880

Shearing in the good old days.jpg (95323 bytes) Shearing in times gone by harvesting Hay.jpg (63198 bytes) Even the girls did it tough in those days 

                              In the Furrow.jpg (551476 bytes)There weren't any tractors in those days


6th Generation

Edward & Mary Ann had 4 Children

5th Generation

1. Mary Ann WALL   Mary Ann Wall (Dow).jpg (150838 bytes) Married  James DOW - James Dow 666.jpg (94112 bytes)Mary Ann died 3 Oct 1919 - Aged 74dow_james_mary.jpg (45329 bytes)


2. Then came 'our' John - John WALL  John (Jack) Wall.jpg (118147 bytes)  John was born 17th August 1847 at Eardisley Herefordshire and died at Ardrossan on 6th November 1931 

3. Edward WALL  Edward  a younger brother of our John, was born at Eardisley Herefordshire & farmed at  Barabba  and at Nildotti

(Barabba - Fourteen kilometres north-east of Mallala. Land in the vicinity was first held under occupation  licence by John Ellis from 15 August 1844. A town of  'Aliceburgh' was laid out on section 204, Hundred of Grace into one-acre blocks  and proclaimed in 1879. It ceased to exist on 1 July 1897 and was re-surveyed into working men's blocks  of four to five acres - this was the genesis of today's settlement of Barabba which is an unofficial name.) He also had 1000 acres at Nildottie 


4. Thomas WALL -Thomas WALL.jpg (169908 bytes) Thomas was born in Eardisley Herefordshire .  

and died at the young age of 17 . His death certificate shows he died of typhoid fever - there was a raging epidemic of the disease in the 1860s to the mid 1870s 

We do know that he was originally interred at Alma  and that his remains were then removed to Barabba  where he was re-buried  .

Back to John Wall 

He farmed at Wandearah West, Ardrossan, and Barabba  John had two marriages - the first to Elizabeth Dyer

Both were 26 when they married in the Primitive Methodist Chapel, Barabba, District of Barossa (book 98, page 880). 

Elizabeth died 5 Nov 1874  reputedly of "Consumption' - and early alias of Tuberculosis and was buried at Alma then later transferred to Barabba cemetery . She was with child when she died and her unnamed son died with her .


John later married  Sarah Ann Crowell   Sarah Ann  Wall - nee Crowell.jpg (26478 bytes)on  12 Oct 1876 at Charleston, district of Nairne (book 109, page 143). A short biography of John Wall & Sarah Ann Crowell

John & Sarah had the following children

Religion was given as 'Methodist' 

They celebrated their golden wedding at ardrossan and it was reported in the SA Register on 19 Oct 1926 page 8h

the article reads On October 12, Mr & Mrs John Wall, of Mine Gully, Ardrossan, and late of wandearah, celebrated their golden wedding.  Miss Sarah Ann Crowell was married to Mr john wall on october 12, 1876, by the late rev H.Pope at charleston.  relatives arranged the golden wedding breakfast, which was held at the home of Mr & Mrs W.J.Crowell  (price) .  Toasts were proposed by Messrs W.J.Crowell and F.Lock. Mrs G.D.P.Whittaker, (the brides maid) was also present. A happy time was spent congratulating the couple.  Those present were Mr & Mrs E.J.Wall and family, Mr & Mrs W.J.Wall and family , Mrs & Mrs H.Fuller and family, Mr & Mrs H.Davidson & son , Mr & Mrs W.J.Crowell, Mr & Mrs H.P.Crowell, Mr & Mrs W.J.Walker,  Mr & Mrs R.Wilson & family, Mr & Mrs L.A.Mason , Mr & Mrs F.H.Crowell, Mr & Mrs W.J.Whittaker, Mrs C.Hyde, Mr & Mrs W.G.Rowntree, Misses C.McCallum, V.Whittaker,,  E. & D. Crowell, F.Lock and A.Parker
Sarah was born on 20th July 1857  and she died at Stirling SA on 6th Oct 1948    


1. Olive Marion WALL who was born at Charleston on 18th April 1878.  Olive Burgess (nee Wall), mother of Nina Spurling.jpg (30489 bytes)

She Married Joseph Edward BURGESS  on 13th August 1896  She died at Trevu Private Hospital Gawler on 25th Nov 1967

A short biography of Joseph Edward Burgess & Olive Marion Wall

2. Next in line is my grandfather Edward John Wall  Edward John (Ted) Wall.jpg (61371 bytes) Edward John 'Ted' Wall  son of John WALL 

Edward John WALL ( known as 'Ted') was born 18th May 1879. He married Louisa Jane (Jane) PARKERJane Wall - wedding day.jpg (13449 bytes)at Wandearah on 3rd April 1906.

Ted (My grandfather) died  in a horrific train accident at Mallala  on 2nd Jan 1937

This is the train that he collided with SAR Loco 133.jpg (1536073 bytes) with fatal consequences. It was and S Class Loco manufactured in Gawler

in 1898 by James Martin and saw many years of service before being scrapped in the 1960s .

Click on following link to see how 

The Mallala Police Station Journal 2 Jan 1937

Ted & Jane had four Children more details below .

8th Generation

1. Neil Parker WALL was born 26 May 1909 . Jack, Neil & his bride Kath(leen) Burton, and Martha Wall.jpg (28299 bytes) He married Kathleen Doris Gladys BURTON (born 22 Jul 1907) On 25 Sep 1930  Neil Died 28 Oct 1986 

2.  Edward John (Jack) WALL (my Dad) Was born 23 Oct 1910  and he married Dora Rowett (Dot) TILLER In 1935   Jack & Dot Wedding 1.jpg (900895 bytes)
Jack&Dot Headstone.jpg (124428 bytes) Dot died 4 Sep 1986 and  Jack died 30 Dec 1992  - They are buried at Enfield 

Photos of Jack & Dot and their family


Descendants of Jack and Dot WALL

9th Generation

Jack and Dot had 4 Children  

1. Kenneth Ian WALL - living married  June CLARK  divorced 1982 

Then Ken Married Roslyn Lynette ASENDORFER (nee HENWOOD) IN 1983.. 

They were divorced in 1992. And on 4th April 1994 he  married  Heather Jean WALLER (nee BENGER). 

That marriage was short lived and they divorced in 1997.  He remains single. 

Descendants of Ken & June WALL 

10th Generation

1. David Mark WALL - living married Leanne PFEIFFER - 

Their Children 

11th Generation


1. Daniel Craig WALL,Daniel- the Cooper.JPG (37195 bytes) who is a Cooper as well as being a qualified and competent  Personal Trainer. 

2. Tamara Joy WALL, Sales Retail Sports and married  to Alex WHITFORD and they have 2 daughters 'Abby-Rose' 

& 'Ella Louise' (12th Generation ) 

3. Jamie Mark WALL, an apprenticed Chef and has been one of  South Australia's Champion Pizza Maker ( even gets a  mention in Who's Who ) I now a qualified  Chef and works at the prestigious 5 Star 'Appellation ' Restaurant 

2. Susan Peta WALL - living - was married to  Lou Munns  divorced  - later married Paul BARTHOLOMAEUS -

 1. Children Erin BARTHOMAEUS University Student- formerly Munns and 

2. Hayley BARTHOLOMAEUS Student -formerly Munns.

Paul has a son Tom tom sepia 200608.JPG (318963 bytes)from a previous Marriage

3. Anthony John  WALL - living - married Francesca PATERSON - 


1. Cassie Sarah WALL - University Student studying Nursing 

2.  Thomas John WALL  - Student      

4. Timothy Michael WALL - living - married  to 

Debbie DREW - 

Children Kiaya Alina WALL student and 

Brandon Michael WALL student

Pictures of Ken's extended family

2, Vernon John WALL - living married Janet Fay HARRIS

3. Joy Lorraine WALL married Raymond NEW. Joy died as a result of a vehicle  accident on 29 Apr 1973 - She is buried at Enfield Evergreen Memorial Cemetery. Raymond New died in 2009. 

 Joy and Ray had 4 children  1. Brian

Brian married Barbara and they divorced.   Barbara has since remarried 

Their Children are Adam, Peter & Emma - will update soon. 

                                               2. Vicki is married and has children (will update details soon)

                                               3. Trevor never married

                                               4. Kylie is married with children - updates coming 



4. Valerie Fay WALL- living married Norman Stafford 

They have 2 children Kirsty & Trent who both have children


Click on  the link  The Wall, Tiller, Forby, Rowett Connection   to see where that side of the family connect up.                      

Back to Ted & Jane Wall's family 


3. Estella Martha Ann (Martha) WALL was born  23 June 1912 and died 23 Jan 1999.  

She married Friedrich Louis Will (Born 16 Feb 1911  and died 28 June 1953.).  She had 2 Children Denise, & John 

Her Second Marriage was to  Herbert Bath (Bowden?) Estelle Will (nee Wall) and Herbert Bath.jpg (50750 bytes) on 8 Dec 1956






4. Neta Evelyn WALL Born 28 Jul 1916 She married  Frederick George DAVIES born 1812 at Ardrossan

on 18 Mar 1938 He died at Victor Harbour SA . Neta & Fred had 2 Children Gloria & Graham.  (more details will follow) 

Neta later married Lionel HEWITT on 21 Apr 1984.

Neta (now in her 90s) was always and still is a bright and cheerful character with a lively sense of humour.


3. Herbert Alfred WALL 

'known as Bert) was born 6 Jul 1880 

and died at Kirup WA on May 1 1951  and was buried at Donnybrook WA on 2 May 1951 

There are Wall relatives in Western Australia  and with any luck at all some of his descendants will send  photographs of him and his descendants that they may be prepared to share. i have been in touch with some by email have received some but as yet further  promised pictures are yet to arrive

4 William Percival WALL was born and died in 1881. 

5. Ethel WALL aged 2 years was buried  on 12 Aug 1884  and is located in grave 8 Block 10  Wandearah Cemetery

6. Elsie WALL died aged 3 weeks was buried 2 Jun 1883

7 Nina Crowell WALL was born on 8th Sep 1884 at Wandearah and died in SA on 8th Nov 1972 . She married Gilbert Walter FIDGE on 24 Jul 1905. Gilbert was born 23 Jan 1880 and died on 18 May 1974

8. Neil Jesse WALL was born at Wandearah on 17th Jan 1886  and married Agnes Jessie SMITH on 11th Mar 1914 .                     

Neil died at Karoonda on Apr 1973 and is buried  at Murray Bridge SA

9 Vera Eliza WALL (known as 'Toppy')was born at Wandearah  on 25th Jun 1887     She married Clarence William Hartley FULLER    on 23rd Nov 1910

10. Estella (Stella) Agnes WALL Stella_Wall.jpg (63049 bytes) was born at Wandearah on 3rd Nov 1888 -  She died in 1957  She  married Hurtle Roy DAVIDSON

11. Colia Druscilla WALL was born at Wandearah on 4th May 1890 and died on 16th Sep 1890 Surname WALL Given Names COILA DRUCILLA  Cemetery n/a Plot/Grave8 /Niche Block 10 Age at Death 10 MTH  WALL, Date of Burial 19.09.1890 

        12. Roy Henry WALL was born at Wandearah on 20th Sep 1892 Married Edith McCartney in 1917 and died in Western Australia in 1983.  Edith died young and left Roy to raise 6 children  all of whom are still alive and all aged  over 80 . In 1944 he remarried and to an Elizabeth Violet Yeoman  Ball 

I hope that some of his descendants may have some more pictures and will share them with me  

13. Clifford Arnold WALL was born at Wandearah on 15th Aug 1894 and was killed in action at the young age of 24 in France during the 'Battle of the Somme' on 2nd Sep 1918 . 

A short biography of Clifford Arnold Wall

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