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Michael Spargo Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar
Baden Smith Vocals, Drums
Andrew Bayfield Keyboards, Drums, Sound Engineer
Antony Kimber
Saxophones, Clarinet, Backing Vocals



All Jackson Zumdish recordings were done on the Agro Fish recordings.


(I Wanna be) Doctor Who

Vinyl single, 500 copies, 1980, Agro Fish Records

A Side (I Wanna be) Doctor Who
Written by Spargo and Smith
Crud Side Knup in Your Eye
Written by Spargo and Smith
The first ever single for Jackson Zumdish and its biggest hit.

One of the more successful Jackson Zumdish Merchandising efforts: The Doctor Who badge.



Vinyl EP, 650 copies, 1981, Agro Fish Records

Side 1    
  Flyblown Written by Spargo and Smith
  The House Detective Written by Spargo and Smith
Side 2    
  Internal Organs Written by Spargo
  Plant Phase Written by Spargo

Other credits on this EP include:


Off the Record

Compact Disk, 4 existing copies, other copies by application only.

The songs on this CD were recorded at various times and mostly the better recording that did not get put onto vinyl.

The songs on the standard edition are:

  1. For Relief
  2. Death to the Shah
  3. Eyeball
  4. Party's Over Now
  5. Disarm Cops
  6. Irish Jig
  7. Raspberry Jam
  8. BPN 1 (instrumental)
  9. Dr Who (I Wanna Be) (remix)
  10. Theme from "Invaders From the Thrid Nebulae"
  11. Dinner in the Jungle
  12. Synth Trio (Instrumental)
  13. Can't See me Anymore
  14. Gnomania
  15. Plant Phase
  16. Holiday on the Moon
  17. Men from Mars
  18. Internal Organs (with fast solo)
  19. I'm Going to Blow up the World
  20. Don't I make you Sick
  21. Song X
  22.  Commercial Radio
  23. If
  24. The Moon and my Magnificent Beard

This CD comes in plane wrapper.


Lyrics to I Wanna be Doctor Who

Written by Baden Smith and Michael Spargo
Copyright 1980

I don't know the answer to the secret
of creation and what it means
But I'd give it all away for a twenty foot scalf
and a pocket full of Jelly Beans (You mean babies)

I wanna be Doctor Who
I wanna be a time lord to
I'd jump in my tardis
Thump up the Darleks
And come and pick up you

I wouldn't worry 'bout the zygone menace
and the Cyberman problem aint mine
Why would I bother with it when I've got you
here as well as K9 (Bow-wow)


I can't be me on Galifrey
and there's even less chance for you
To roam around the galaxy
with me when I'm Doctor Who

Yeah, Doctor Who
Doctor Who
Doctor Who
Exterminate pursue

Oh yeah, I'd have enemies for sure
but that wouldn't worry me much
'Cos when I'm Doctor Who you know
I have that magic touch


I'd jump into time and space no worries
and have some dimensional fun
And then I'd get ready to come see you
five, four, three, two, one (lets go)


I know I aint got sophistication
but that won't matter a bit
'Cos all I'll need is a floppy hat
a lot of luck and wit

Yeah, I'd go anywhere I wanted to
anywhere in time or space
And when I'm tired of flying around
I'd come back to your place

I could be a galactic hero
you know, and save the day
And when it gets too much
I'll get my tardis to take me away

But, I won't need a police box honey
to make my call to you
You'll get my message clear enough
when I'm Doctor Who
When I'm Doctor Who
Doctor Who



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