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There are several advertised in the Australian News and we found that there is a great difference between the costs charged by each of them. Often a free initial assessment is offered to assess your chances of success. Some offer a "checking only" service whereby you do all the work and just get them to check the application, for a lesser fee, prior to lodging the application. Of course you can do it without their help at all but for us we felt it was just too important to muck it up and with the points system knocking off points for age every 5 years we felt that time was of the essence. We had an initial assessment performed by the Immigration Group in Chester (which wasn't free) and they identified a way that we could get in that I had missed in spite of all my previous research. (The little used sub class 106). However, we put our faith in David Cray at the Hartford Consultancy, now known as e-MigrationAustralia, to help us with the actual process. e-MigrationAustralia have moved into the 21st century by offering a free web-based assessment.



David is a genial Australian who used to work for the immigration department. We found him very pleasant and a great help. I can only give my highest recommendation for his services, which were not too expensive. We took advantage of his home visit which cost a little extra but saved us something like 8 - 10 hours round trip driving.


Australian Government Departments. 


The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has its web page at Australia works on a self assessment system of personal taxation. One of the first things to do when you arrive in this country is to obtain your tax file number. It is a very simple procedure requiring a half hour visit to the nearest tax office (Waymouth St in Adelaide is the one we used). You fill out a reasonably straightforward form, prove who you are, (so take your passport and a couple of other forms of ID, preferably of Australian origin and particularly something that confirms your address) and hand in the completed form. They will advise you of your number within 28 days in writing. Without this number you will not be able to work and it will cause complications with banking and social security issues.

 Social Secuirity - known as Centrelink here.

Another very high priority to action within days if not hours of arrival. Get registered with Centrelink. You should qualify for family allowance (assuming you have children of course!) and may qualify for rent assistance, but not if it is the Trust housing provided by the immigration department. Have a look at

Medicare is the Aussie equivalent of the UK NHS. Get registered as soon as you are off the 'plane! I've not found a web site for this but their general enquiries telephone number is 13 20 11. Their offices are all over the place so you shouldn't have too much trouble finding one near by. Just turn up, queue for 5 minutes, prove who you are and that's it. In a week or so you will get a "credit card" with your detail on for all your family which you present if you are unfortunate enough to need any medical attention. Having this is another bit of fair dinkum Aussie ID.

South Australia Immigration Department.

Visit them at for a whole host of pertinent South Australia information, including the extremely helpful "meet and greet" service.

Government Department of Immigration and Multicultural affairs.

I know it sounds sad, but I used to go here almost every day in the earlier stages. Have a nosey at for a wealth of information.

 Import & quarantine., email

International Organisation for Migration. Apparently this organisation can assist in getting cheap air fares and double baggage allowance for migrants.  (Thanks Jim for that tip.)  Their e-mail address is



The employment and training department of the government has a page at and all sorts of information can be obtained at (statistical) such as business, lifestyle etc and links to other useful sites.

There are plenty of employment agencies, both specialist and general:

Morgan and Banks (who got me my job), now known as TMP, at who also include a "job hound" alerting service and resume builder, aimed at accounting and IT folk. who advertise themselves as "Australia's leading online careers network".

Badenoch and Clark at financial and executive.

Michael Page at financial and executive

David Sladden & Associates at

Select Staff at "South Australia's leading staffing company".

Hayes at which includes several types of areas under its personnel heading.

(Sydney) Parker Bridge at aimed at accounting beings.

See also newspapers.


Real Estate (property), often do rental properties:

Try for S.A. properties or

See also newspapers.



The Advertiser at or which we get in S.A. and may have pan-Australian appeal. Saturday edition is especially good for jobs.

The "Australian News" is a must for anybody seriously contemplating emigration at

Not really a newspaper, but try

Snail Mail.

If you do not know your arrival address in Adelaide, you can get your mail sent addressed to Your name, c/o Poste Restante, GPO Adelaide, SA 5001, Australia. You then go to the main post office in King William Street (on the left going north just up from Victoria Square, and just before the most acceptable Critereon café bar.) armed with suitable ID, e.g. passport, to collect. It's a free service but they only keep the mail for a month.


A whole wealth of information is at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. Go to

Transport. South Australian Governments transport web page includes public transport and driving.


Car valuation. This site was discovered by a mate who has just now taken citizenship. (Good on yer Steve.) You enter the details of the car you want valuing and it tells you the sort of trade-in or private sell price. Apart from depressing me about the value of our car it is useful.

Friends reunited website. A brilliant innovation for old school pals to contact each other after maybe decades of lost contact. It has recently been extended to include work places. If you want to get in contact with a pal from primary school or an old work mate (in the UK) go to You can explore your old schools etc as much as you like. Only if you want to register is there a fee, a modest £7.50. You can pay via the internet and I used one of my UK credit cards without worry. Nothing untoward (so far) has happened to that card. I've made contact with my best friend from school days who, as it happened and unbeknown to me, was born in Adelaide! I haven't seen him for over 20 years. My wife's had a great time regularly communicating with old school friends too. 

Here's an interesting enterprise for anybody longing for a Marks & Spencer Chocolate Selection, or a jar of Branston, or even a Noddy Bike for a toddler. Order direct from England from a Pom who was banished to Sydney and was inspired through her torment!


Accommodation - Brisbane. I received this email from an ex-Pom. (Click here)

 Similar sites.


Brisbane: link to fee-for-service offered by Brisbane Bound. Practical help and advice about settling in Brisbane

Melbourne: originated by Sue Vitnell who also suggests the following links (thanks Sue). ,,,, and for some info about areas of Melbourne see

General but with some Brisbane content: There is a heap of excellent links on this site. Also links to various forums on his Chat Rooms page, Thanks to Erick ABC Diamond for bringing this resource to my attention.

Perth: A comprehensive site about migrating to Perth and life in Perth.

General. Aimed at providing information for people undertaking the migration process, also has a forum. Thanks to Ian Moran for creating this resource.






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