Who we are.

My name is Keith Miller and I am a CIMA qualified accountant working in industry. At the time of application I was 41 years, and before you ask, my old job has already been assigned! I had been working for the same company for 5 years, my second longest stay at any company. However, as time went on I was getting increasingly disillusioned with the place and suspect it was my age coupled with the job situation in the North West that was preventing me moving on to "better things".

My wife, Carol, the youngest of four children, is two years older at "27" years of age! She used to work for a sewing factory until she had our daughter and has since devoted herself to being a full time mum and housewife. We were married in 1986: you may remember that one sunny Saturday in July!

Our first born is called Jolie (like Julie but with an "o"). She was born in 1990 which made her just 8 when me made our application. We think she is very talented both academically and artistically with a brilliant imagination and creative flair. Our second (and last!) is our son, Ashley, born in 1992 making him 6 when we applied. He is intelligent and highly inquisitive. Loves his computer and playing music on the organ or more latterly, the ubiquitous playstation. They were both doing very well at school, obviously a product of Devonshire Park Primary School’s excellent teaching and care, for which I will always be grateful.

We had a nice house on the Wirral and a load of friends including some very close friends. My parents and three younger sisters, along with their husbands and seven assorted children all live in Kent, some 4 or 5 hours drive away from our UK home and my younger brother was living in London. My wife’s father (a survivor of the Altmark prison ship) died of smoking related cancer just after Jolie was born: we believe he hung on determined to see his youngest child have her first child and make him a granddad for the 7th time. After that, my wife and her mother became even closer. She doted on Jolie and also on Ashley when he was born. You might have sat next to her on a bus and, even as a total stranger, been shown the wad of ‘photos she carried in her bag, speaking with great pride of her two latest grandchildren! Sadly she was diagnosed also of terminal lung cancer early in 1998 and died, with great dignity and surrounded by love, in our house on her late husbands birthday, just after Christmas of that year. My wife’s two brothers both live locally with their families, including three children and three grandchildren and she has another sister in Germany with her family, including grandchildren.

Like many people considering this huge move, we would be leaving a lot behind.

(Background: Christmas 1999 on Aldinga beach with friends. We are the four on the left.)

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