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17/03/2017 - New Life's Punishment site under construction

I'm currently designing a new site. I hope to launch it with a new completed track. No ETA as yet. I've been travelling a lot lately and even though the usual 3 year gap is upon me, a full album release may not see a day in this year.



24/08/2014 - Flayed at the finish line EP out now (Name your price)



06/08/14 - Wait. Worry. Who cares?

I've been watching a lot of Millennium lately... marathon sessions until I fall asleep. I call them Frank Blackouts (nyuk nyuk nyuk!). Work on the new EP has been going very well. It will definitely be out by the end of the year. Maybe as early as September. And when it meets the world with apathy and indifference... I will not be surprised. Par for the course.


27/03/14 - Look Ma! I recorded a cover!

Here it is... my cover of Joys of the emptiness by Paradise Lost. Enjoy

UPDATED: 29th July 2014. Improved audio for youtube

If you would like a high quality audio download, contact me directly and I will provide a download code at no cost

11/03/13 - Better late than never (and other chunks)

The Beautiful accidents EP is now available on the following services:



and as always - Bandcamp

I'm slowly but surely working on my first cover version, paying tribute to one of my favourite bands in the flavour of Lifes Punishment. I have this and the bones of the next EP to work on when I have the time, but time is in short supply lately


31/08/12 - Lifes Punishment featured on Ear Bleeders volume 5

I am pleased to announce that Lifes Punishment will appear on Ear Bleeders Volume 5, a compilation CD distributed with Rip it Up magazine. Out Thursday 30th August 2012. don't forget to grab one!

If you don't manage to grab a physical copy you can always listen/download it for FREE here

Click the cover art to check out my latest EP ^_^

03/01/12 - Subtle site updates

To my beautiful miscroscopic demographic!, I just finished updating a handful of details across the whole site... and oh yeah, Happy new year and all that jazz



18/04/11 - Beautiful Accidents EP now available!

Head on over to to check it out



20/02/11 - New EP coming soon! (and other miscellaneous chunks)

I recently completed a vocal recording session in the dungeon of the house of Borriatis! Click here to see a video walkthrough of the set up. Over the next couple of months I will be working hard to finish the EP. Keep an eye on the Lifes Punishment facebook page for more behind the scenes media and announcements.



10/10/10 - The world loses one of its brightest lights

R.I.P Bethany McCarthy
June 24 1987 - October 7 2010


05/04/10 - New track release! (updated 07/06/10)

Hail! I have released a pre album version of "Noble Offspring" that will appear on my 3rd album. CLICK HERE for direct download


16/02/10 - Studio report February 2010

Hello boys and girls. There has been a lot of delicious activity in the krypt lately. I am up to around 4 songs that only require vocals for completion.

My current goal is to have an early version mp3 release of any 1 of those 4. I do however, want to take my time developing lyrics and vocals for this 3rd album - so I'll need to find a nice underground cellar to go mental in for a few days (I am looking at you borrie :p and I'll shout some extra flavour into that home brew of yours!).

Currently, songs are clocking in at 3 - 3:30 minutes on average - I plan to ensure quantity and quality - possibly up to 20+ songs on 1 disc... many vibes, but all within the category I have established for myself.


25/01/10 - CDBaby Haitian earthquake relief

The earthquake and its aftermath in Haiti have touched all of our lives

Starting on Monday, January 25th and continuing for two weeks, CDBaby will donate $1 of their cut from every CD sale through their website

You can contribute by purchasing my CD or the plethora of other artists CDs that live on CDBaby. Loathe thy Neighbour is a part of the $5 sale. If you choose 3 CDs from artists that support this sale, you can get each CD for $5 each.

Go forth and discover some new music, and help some people in need in the process


13/01/10 - New web site and other miscellaneous chunks

I thought it was time I put some decent effort into a website, so here it is. Album # 3 progression is going well (Despite attractive distractions). I have 3 tracks that just need vox and several other tracks in the developing stages.

As soon as there is 1 completed track, I might release it to the masses so you can all marinate in my new flavours


14/11/09 - Studio report... the dust is starting to settle

Things are starting to wind down as far as daily obligations go.

I'll be hitting the studio again within a couple of weeks if all goes to plan

... and if Borderlands doesn't eat my soul first


13/09/09 - Too weird to live, Too rare to die

I thought it was about time I ran some sort of news through this bastard site of mine!...

yes, I have been very slack with keeping people up to date, I apologise.

Firstly, a big thankyou goes out to all the people who I have never met, that bought 'Loathe thy Neighbour' - this means a lot to me and I appreciate all the Positive feedback I have received

and yes, thanks also goes out to people I personally know who also bought the album (even though they probably felt obligated! MUHAHA)

Work on the 3rd album is evolving slowly, I wish I had more time to work on it but thats how it is at the moment.A release 'somewhere' in 2010 is likely as I will have more time on my hands

For anyone new to Lifes Punishment, please don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested in obtaining a CD. I am flexible with the cost and I am more concerned about getting it into the hands of people who appreciate it.

Please keep in mind, there are only 500 copies of the CD

Thats all for now, I will do my utmost to update this site on a monthly basis (at least), hopefully this will give y'all a reason to drop by friends. Be well

- JJ

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