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Loot! - Material possessions of rarity

Lifes Punishment: Loathe thy Neighbour (2008) CD

Professionally manufactured CD in a jewel case with full colour 12 page booklet. Limited to 500 copies. If you wish to own a copy, please visit Lifes Punishment Bandcamp or CDBaby.

Limited Edition Double Album T-shirt

Before the days of Cafepress, I paid a pretty penny to have some Lifes Punishment shirts made. The front print has some early 'Tested on humans' era artwork and the back print has my slogan and album title 'Loathe thy Neighbour'. there are only a handful of these shirts left and the only way to acquire one is to contact me directly. As always, I am open to price negotiations and CD/Shirt package deals can be arranged. Also, sizes are of a very generous nature.

Don't have wood for the limited gear? get some Loot made to order!

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