Cosmic Powers

These powers are only available to cosmic level characters.

Biological Augmentation
Biological Transmogrification
Cosmic Bolt
Cosmic Source
Create Constructs
Energy Bonds
Energy Leech
Force Barrier
Metamorph Black Hole
Molecular Manipulation
Sorcery Mastery
Space Warp
Telekinetic Mastery
Telepathic Mastery
Unearthly Strength


Gain all of the abilities listed below;
Agility DEX is raised to 25. This character never suffers any penalties in combat regardless of how tricky the shot or how many modifiers would normally apply. Likewise with any skill rolls requiring feats of dexterity even seemingly impossible ones (ala Matrix). Leap range is tripled.
Intelligence INT is raised to 25. This character has every skill and all at maximum.

He also has an almost perfect memory. By looking at a map or document the character will be able to recall them with total accuracy. The character will also be able to recognize faces, costumes, and cars that they have only seen once before. Mathematical equations are a breeze, and he can solve any problem in his head in a second. 

Finally he can also take existing materials and technologies and use them to create new devices or applied technologies. He can repair previously operational devices, even if the device was of an unknown type. 

Senses Advanced Vision; x10 normal range, + x2 per level. Can also see small objects clearer.

Heightened Hearing; x10 normal range, + x2 per level. Can hear any level of decibel at any range.

Heightened Smell; x10 normal range, + x2 per level. Can recognize/Identify specific odour/ scent of anyone that have met and track them by smell.

Heightened Taste; Can instantly identify anything that taste.

Heightened Touch; Can read pages just by touching the print and listen to a phone conversation by touching the line.

Stamina CON is raised to 50. This person never tires, ever. He is totally immune to all drugs, toxins, poisons and intoxicants unless he chooses to allow them to influence him.



The character has total molecular control over his own biological form and thus gains the equivalent of all of the following abilities;
Insect Metamorph, Metamorph Undead, Alter Body, Metamorph Animal, Metamorph Dinosaur, Metamorph Plant, Body Weapons, Shape Shift and Elongation.



The power to channel ambient cosmic energy into his own body at will and expel it violently as either a concussive force or a gentle knockback. The bolt is composed of all the various different forms of energy including solar, electrical, plasma, microwaves, etc. Each bolt can be incrementally controlled to do from 1 point of damage up to D6 x1000 HPs. +D6 per level with a range of 1 light year, +1 per level.



This character can become a living power source for Chi or Mana depending upon which dimension he resides in. Energy can be drawn from him for as long as he allows it. The amount he can make available is equal to his WIS x100, and requires 1 hour per 100 points to recharge.



The hero can transform energy into a matrix that simulates solid matter. This matrix may be any shape the hero desires, although greater complexity requires an WIS roll to create. The energy matrix possesses Strength equal to the hero's PS. It continues to exist for a duration determined by the hero's WIS x1 hour. After that time, the matrix harmlessly dissipates. Some of the uses for this Power include: forming cages or barriers, forming servants to perform desired tasks, creating body armour to protect and enhance the hero's abilities. 

HPs per object = WIS x100. Create any shape objects up to 2 per WIS, +2 per level.



Raise CHA to 25. The character has all of the following abilities:

Command; At any time the character can issue a command (eg. stop, look, no, etc) which everyone who hears must obey, unless save at -5. Victims are then –4 to attack for the next round. Voice range of 5kms.

Followers; Can attract 10 per level who will obey only him and do all he commands unquestioningly.

Intimidation; Anyone the character gazes at must save at -5 or break down, start crying and beg for mercy until the power is turned off. Further anyone looking at him while trying to attack are -5 to hit him with an additional –1 per levels.

Super Ego; Any equipment, weapons, etc which the character looks at has a 98% chance of failing and 75% chance of falling apart.



The ability to mimic any power which come within his line of sight or 1km radius +1km per level. The character can copy the powers of any life form within his radius. May also recopy any power that previously held at any time even if the person is no longer around. Further the character can also duplicate a power by absorbing the traces left behind whenever a power is used. The residue may be in anything that was near or the target of a power's emission. The duration of the powers copied in this manner is determined by the hero's WIS x1 day. The average amount of residue bearing material is about the size of a bread loaf. It is completely drained after a single use.



Can tap into one of the elemental signs gaining the following abilities. However all ranges, durations and damage are now x10. All forms will function in space, as in fire will burn (solar), air wont dissipate (solar winds), etc.
Air Includes Aerialkinesis, Metamorph Air and Shadow.
Earth Includes Terrakinesis, Metamorph Earth and Tar.
Electro Magnetism Includes Emission Electrical, Metamorph Electricity and Magnetism.
Fire Includes Pyrokinesis, Emission Fire and Magma, and Metamorph Fire and Magma.
Gravitic Includes Metamorph Void and Gravitykinesis.
Water Includes Hydrokinesis, Acid Manipulation, Emission Ice, and Metamorph Liquid and Ice (power affects all liquid types).



This can either take the form of a glowing web or bands which are  launched from the character's hands. They instantly wrap around whatever they hit preventing anything from slipping out. The character can mentally control amount of the amount of HPs in the web which can be up to WIS x1000 + x1000 per level. The net can also be cast onto doorways, small tunnels, etc to make passage through them impossible until the HPs are completely depleted. It can be up to WIS x1 metre radius, +1 per level, normal throwing range. Lasts until HPs are depleted or until concentration is broken.



The opposite of the Cosmic Source, this character can drain anything including Chi, Mana, metapowers or life and feed on it. Can do this to any organism within sight. This is permanent unless the stealer gives it back or dies. The amount absorbed in a single attack is equal to his WIS x100 and he will be unable to soak in anymore until he has expended some of it.



This ability allows a character to grow up 100 meters per WIS. Growing to max size on a planet could have devastating consequences for its inhabitants.



The ability to create an invisible or semi visible layer of protection which remains until depleted or cancelled. It maybe used either as body armour for oneself or anyone within line of sight, or as a barrier of up to WIS x100 metres radius. The total amount of Hit Points the character can generate is WIS x10,000, +1000 per level. He can replenish at a rate of WIS x10,000 HPs +1000 per level per minute of non use. He can create multiple fields so long as the combined HPs doesn’t exceed the total. The field can be extended up to 1000 kilometres per WIS, and can in effect cover a planet if large enough.



This character is well nigh invulnerable having a hardened molecular structure, able to survive not only in the pressure less environment of outer space, but also in high pressure ones. He does not have to breathe and as a result is unaffected by gases of any type. The character is also totally immune to the effects of cold, fire, heat, microwave beams, electricity, bullets, falls, normal punches below STR 100, poisons, gases, drugs, diseases, radiation, magically induced metamorphosis, vampire's transformative bite, and anything else that can change the structure of the body. 

The character gains HPs of CON x2000 +2000 HPs per level.



The character's body can become a living black hole and as a result any object up to 1 ton per WIS +1 ton per level is inexorably pulled toward him. When any object contacts him it's crushed into a singularity by the force of his gravity and destroyed.



The character can alter the molecular structure of anything within his line of sight. This goes beyond the normal constraints of Matter Manipulate. Being able to manipulate molecules anywhere up or down the periodic table and beyond (the GM could create some new exotic materials not currently known to our own science). Can affect up to WIS x100 tons, +50 per level.



This character is one with the universe. The hero is in tune with the entire scope of reality. He possesses a detached, omniscient viewpoint that allows him to explore the entire existence of a chosen subject. Unlike Cosmic Awareness secrets, weaknesses, arcane knowledge, and anything else the which would normally be difficult to find out is easily available to him. 

1) He always knows which way is he is facing on a planet and exactly where he is in his home universe, knows the exact time according to that location's time zone, can sense the emotions of any life forms within his line of sight, can detect weaknesses in opponents or structures, detect concealed life forms or objects (including the invisible and ethereal), detect lies, locate a chosen target anywhere within the same universe and understand all languages, technology and societies no matter how alien.

He can also see Electrical fields (and their intensity), Gravity waves (in a radar like manner), Mana or Ley Line power (depending on which system you use), Magnetic fields, Radiation, Ultraviolet, Infrared and X-rays. Finally the character can see the true image of any person or object regardless of any form of concealment, disguise, illusion or invisibility.

2) At various times the character can have precognitive flashes which can be used to determine correct procedures for overcoming a problem or survival and give sufficiently clear insight into upcoming events that he might be able to use that foreknowledge to his advantage. The problem lies in two areas, the flexibility of the time stream and the preparedness of the GM. One problem with the Power is that the time stream is extremely malleable. Each decision made creates an alternate timeline, a parallel Earth almost but not quite identical to the version of Earth where your campaign occurs. Each vision is an event that will come to pass in some time stream somewhere. It need not be the hero's impending timeline. That's where Precognition comes in. Each Precog vision gives the hero a chance to consciously shape his world's timeline. Because of this, the envisioned event might never come to pass, at least not where the hero is concerned.

This leads to the second problem, that of GM preparedness. To accurately and realistically portray Precog, the GM would need to work out a detailed timeline of the campaign's future events, including variables that account for probable player actions. Short-range Precog can be useful in combat. The hero can use his Power to discover his opponent's next move. This form can be used by any Precog, regardless of the limits otherwise constraining the Power. 

The character can see up to WIS x100 years into the future or the past. The retrocognition side of the power can be focused more selectively by making physical contact with the target whose history is being examined. The hero can mentally examine a person, item, or site and mentally relive a specific moments of history. A final aspect of the power It is a combination of automatically functioning Psionic Powers (Telepathy, Empathy, and Precognition) that warns the hero about impending danger. The advance warning time is 1 minute +1min per level, +4 WIS. Will know direction and threat level

3) Finally the character can see distant sights without directly seeing it with his eyes. He receives a visual simulation of what he would see if he were actually present at the scene. The Power is not hindered by any of the factors that affect normal light transmission, such as distance, blockage, obscurement, and time lag. It can be used to see things that are impossible for a telescope or Telescopic Vision. For example, current conditions inside a sealed room on the surface of Venus. When in use, the Power overrides normal vision. Normally the Power is consciously controlled. Sometimes it functions automatically.

This can be the result of improper control, interference, or be triggered by sudden, dramatic events occurring to someone who whom the hero shares an emotional rapport. The Power can work against the hero if unwanted visions obscure the hero's sight or distract him at a crucial moment. When the Power is used to spy on another Clairvoyant, there is a possibility of that person detecting the use of the Power. Clairvoyance can function as a pipeline to draw light-based and Psionic attacks toward the hero. Such attacks may even affect him if they were aimed at something else within the area he is spying upon. The hero has +1 resistance to such attacks. Clairvoyance can be used in conjunction with other Powers to increase the range at which those Powers can affect a target.

Likewise he can also hear what being said, in this case hearing distant sounds and voices despite any intervening distance or barriers. The power is not hindered by factors that affect normal sound transmission, such as distance, time lag, muffling, distortion, or the absence of a transmitting medium. Because of this, Clairaudience has superior range over Enhanced Hearing. Only Clairaudience enables the hero to hear across a vacuum, for example. When the Power operates, it overrides the hero's natural hearing. Distant sounds are sensed at their original volume level. The Power is normally a voluntary Power that musty be summoned. Sometimes it functions automatically; this can be the result of improper control, tampering by outside forces, or be triggered by sudden, dramatic events occurring to someone with whom the hero shares an emotional rapport. When using the Power to eavesdrop on another Clairaudient, that person may automatically sense the first Clairaudient's effort. 


This power gives the character access to all spells from a particular school of magic. The amount of schools available depends on the rank taken. This power must be retaken to increase its rank.
Rank 1 All spells from 10 schools of magic
Rank 2 All spells from 20 schools of magic
Rank 3 All spells from all schools of magic



The ability to not only fly faster than light at 10 light years per WIS per day +10 per level but also the character can create a space warp tunnel of up to 10 metres x10 metres per WIS anywhere within sight which allows others to follow at a speed identical to the character's. The character doesnt need to breathe in a vacuum but however does require stellar light to photosynthesize. This also results in the character being immune to the effects of the vacuum, radiation and cold of space.



Like the normal Telekinesis, the hero can handle material objects without having to make direct or indirect physical contact (pushing or blowing, for example). The hero can perform any action that could be accomplished using normal Strength. Most Telekinetics visualize their Power in terms of an amorphous arm extending from the body. 

Line of sight range. Can move up to 1 ton, +1 per level per WIS or push/punch with STR 20 per WIS. The character's punch can be augmented telekinetically to do +1 damage per 4 WIS. Additionally telekinesis can be used to levitate the character up to WIS x 20 metres, +20 meters per level, and fly at a rate of WIS x30kph, +30kph per level.



Gain the powers of Animal Control, Insect Control, Mental Control, Undead Control, Empathic, Exorcism, Psychic Interference and Telepathy. All ranges and damage are x10.



The ability to instantly teleport oneself from one place to another which is within his line of sight, is well known to the person or which have an image of. Can also transport an additional mass of 1000 tons, +100 per level. As the hero rematerializes, gases and liquids move aside before he solidifies. Normal safeguards prevent the hero from consciously Teleporting into a solid mass. Certain conditions can prevent the hero from Teleporting such as not knowing where he is or psychological blockage. Extremely dense materials like Neutronium or black holes do not affect him. 



This character stops aging at whatever age he stipulates and if killed can regenerate completely so long as a single drop of blood remains. He cannot die except by total disintegration. Immune to all Poisons, Gases, Drugs, and Diseases. Recover 1 HP per WIS every minute and heal any broken bones almost instantly. Can regenerate 1 limb every hour and 1 organ every 2 hours. Finally he is impervious to the transformative bite of vampires and certain Werebeasts.



This form of strength is both psionically and cosmically enhanced. It is divided into 3 columns; Strength Class showing the PS level, HP Damage representing how much is done by each hand, and Tonnage displaying the amount of weight which can be carried (x2 to determine lifting ability).
Unearthly strength begins at 300 and increases by one class level each time this power is retaken.
Strength Class HP Damage Tonnage carrying capacity
300 10,000 3000
400 20,000 6000
500 30,000 12,000
600 40,000 25,000
700 50,000 50,000
800 60,000 100,000
900 70,000 250,000
1000 80,000 500,000
2500 200,000 5,000,000
5000 500,000 50,000,000



The ability to open up a wormhole to any location in the universe he has visited or has been visually or telepathically shown. The character can create a wormhole of up to 10 metres x10 metres per WIS, anywhere within sight. The hero forms two parallel space warps at the desired point of detachment, then shifts the location of the outer warp. 


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