Hamley Bridge Businesses   


Various Shops

Of all these shops the General Store is the only one still operating as was originally built.  The first store was run by Mr McRobie.  The current building was first opened by Frederick Bohnsack in 1902.  When Frederick died in 1921, his son Henry took over the running of the business until it was sold to Neville and Jennifer Ayliffe in 1966.  They in turn ran it until the 1990's, when Phil and Trish Gates bought it, with this they owned the Post Office and merged the two together.  It was sold again in 2006. 


Left: Bohnsacks General Store - year unknown                                        Right: Still operating as a General Store - year 2000

In 1869 the first Post Office opened in Hamley Bridge.  It has had numerous locations throughout the town in it's lifetime.  From the General Store, to the Railway station, to cnr Barry & Light Streets, to cnr Light  & Gilbert Streets then back to the General Store.

Post Office (now private residence)

 Pharmacy (now private residence)

Hamley Bridge has had three General Stores.  At one time they all operated at the same time.  Here is one of them, The Red Store.  This was built and operated from the early 1880's by the Finey family.  Mrs Finey and her son Marmaduke started the business.  The Fineys operated the business until the early 1930's, when it was sold to Mr Jack Woolard.  During the war years it operated as a clothing factory where uniforms were made and sent to the munitions at Penfield by train.  Of later years it has had various owners and run mainly as a take-away food business.


The Red Store in it's heyday                                                                            As the clothing Factory - 1951

Clothing Factory 1930 corner Barry and Light Streets - Now the Take-away shop


National Bank (now an architects office)                                      Ron Martins Fruit Palace (now private residence)

Old Shop burnt down in the fire (now where the public toilets are)