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Hamley Bridge Primary School

The first school in Hamley Bridge opened in 1874.  It only  stayed open for 119 days.

A school was opened at Hamley Bridge in November 1874, with 18 parents signifying their intention to send their children to the school.  The licensed teacher was Elizabeth Bell, and the school was conducted in the Congregational chapel.  Attendance during the year 1874 numbers 14 boys and 16 girls, the school being open for 119 days.


Principal John McMahon

Mr John McMahon conducted a Private School at Pinkerton Plains and in 1880 he joined the Education Department and became the head teacher of the new Hamley Bridge Public School, on March 12th 1880.  The school building and residence is built out of freestone found in the neighbourhood and the corners and facings are composed of brick. The first two scholars enrolled were Messrs W O’Riley and T V Hartnett.  

Hamley Bridge Public School – circa 1930

School Photos

I have names for a lot of these photos


Year Unknown                                                                                         Year Unknown


        Year Unknown                                                                                     Year Unknown


Year 1894                                                                                        Year 1904-1905


Year 1910                                                                                                Year 1914


Year 1920 - Grades 1,2,3                                                       Year 1920 - Grades 4,5,6,7


Year 1921                                                                                          Year 1931


Year 1943                                                                                  Year 1949 - Grades 1,2,3


Year 1951 - Grades 3,4                                                                Year 1951 - Grades 6,7


Year 1952 - Grades 1,2                                                                Year 1952 - Grades 3,4


Year 1952 - Grades 5,6,7                                                                   Year 1954 - Grades 3,4


Year 1954 - Grades 5,6,7                                                                Year 1960 - Grades 6,7

This photograph was taken at a Hamley Bridge School Arbor Day.

Year unknown.

Hamley Bridge Primary School has some history books for sale. 

One called 'Memories of Hamley Bridge' - interviews with former residents on life in Hamley Bridge.

 The other book is a history of the Hamley Bridge Primary School.