Light Street

Shops Ablaze

Hamley Bridge - Light Street

Light Street is the main shopping street in Hamley Bridge.

 The first store opened was owned by Mr. F W Grossett.

 A post office was opened at Hamley Bridge in 1869.

 J Condon first licensed the Hamley Bridge Hotel in 1871, he was also the local undertaker.

In 1877 the second hotel opened, it was called the Dublin Hotel.

The Hamley Bridge Institute was established in 1879 and a building erected in 1884, and in 1904 the building was enlarged considerably with new rooms at t he front and dressing rooms at the rear.  The Institute had a picture Gallery.


      Light Street 1882                                                                                  Light Street 1900's

Light Street 1900's

This is an Australia Day parade, BUT, it was held on 28th August to suit the organisers! - 1918 - thank you to Glenys Edwards for this information


Light Street 1916                                                                                                      Light Street 1926


Light Street 1930's                                                                                     Light Street 1934

        Light Street Year Unknown

On Friday 18th January 1957 a fire swept through Hamley Bridge destroying a block of four shops.  A 50ft high wall of fire, whipped up by a whirlwind, raced from a paddock at the rear of the Hamley Bridge Hospital towards the town.  The fire jumped both the main Adelaide Hamley road and Barry street, where houses were ringed by fire see news article 'shops ablaze'.

Building next to RSL that's no longer there early 1980's