Old Road Bridge


Old Road Bridge over River Light

The old bridge you see now was built in 1892 at an estimated cost of £4,056.  The bridge is a listed heritage item with the National Trust, and is thought to be the oldest iron bridge in the state.

Some more facts on the bridge:  It was built after the original one was washed away in a flood.  I has 5 spans of about 12.5 metres and a width of about 4.6 metres.  A corrugated metal deck with a rubble surface is supported by Rivetted Iron Trusses held up with Masonery abutments.

Opening of Old Road Bridge – 1892


Old Road bridge - Years unknown

In April 1889, widespread torrential rain produced damaging floods  both rivers Light and Gilbert.  The road bridge over the River Light was wrecked beyond repair, and the long delay in providing a new one caused much inconvenience.  The railway lines were under water and a special relief train from Adelaide was unable to reach Hamley Bridge and had to return to the city.


The Mudla Wirra Bridge at Hamley destroyed.

Taken from “The Kapunda Herald” Friday, April 5, 1889 

Over two inches rain fell at Hamley

Bridge. There are tremendous floods in the

Light and Gilbert Rivers.  The Light is

higher than ever before, and in some places

it is nearly quarter of a mile wide, rushing

with terrific force, and carrying immense

trees, logs, and large pieces of wreckage,

apparently from the bridges further up.  Cattle

are also floating down the torrent. Stockport

was flooded, the water rushing down the main

street four feet deep. The inhabitants were

unable to leave their houses, and much

damage was done. The Mudla Wirra Bridge

was swept away at midday. The whole

structure went with a tremendous upheaval

and immediately smashed up, the large iron

girders twisting up like hoop-iron. Most of

the materials went down stream. The

River Light was then rising at a rapid rate

The railway traffic was suspended.