The Love family website.

A few pictures of us.

Our family tree. Links to other websites in the extended family.

Eric's music stuff: Stage musicals in various states: Keep on Coding (finally here in its complete form!), User-Friendly, David & Goliath, Pitch Drop. Also Three Little Pigs and a few other songs, etc.

Eric's computer games: Puzzle Stars, PacHack, Icecream Van, Tomb Robber, Cubed, Madd Race, Legoland Adventures, Julian vs The World and We Deliver. And two game development articles I've written.

Eric's other programs: A program which puts proverbs or quotations on your desktop screen, the Traitorball scoreboard program, and a word dispenser for Sculptionary.

Colin's bands' pages (out of date)
Sliced Bread: Colin Love, Matt Curtis and Daniel Raw, 98 to 01. Download MP3's from their CD.
Cheapshot: Dave Parker, Colin Love and Daniel Raw, 01 to 04.

Eric's party trick: How to determine the day of the week for any day in 1901-2099.

The dark: a philiosophy of the negative by Roger Catlyn. Views expressed not necessarily those of the Loves. Hosted here because the writer doesn't have his own webspace.

GO Christian Network (inc Glen Osmond Baptist Church), the church Eric, Colin and Paula are part of.
Rostrvor Baptist Church, the church David, Heather and Glenys are part of.
Big Week Out, a youth community service initiative Eric has worked on.

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