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EasyGrid is a volume and surface gridding software. It allows creation of grids from scattered data points. EasyGrid uses data points with rectangular coordinates and creates rectilinear grids. Grids can be saved in vtk format (structured grids) and visualize using paraview or any other software supporting vtk format. Paraview is very powerful 3D visualization package, which is available from . Download is free and no questions are asked. Short manual on using paraview to visualize grids is provided as part of EasyGrid software.

EasyGrid algorithm is based on QuikGrid source code. QuikGrid software and source code are available from: . Please note that I have made substantial modification to original QuikGrid source code and EasyGrid uses modified version of the algorithm.

Available for download from this website is trial version of EasyGrid, which will stop functioning after some period of time. If you wish to use this software further please contact me on my email.

With paraview and EasyGrid you will be able to create and visualize 3d surfaces and volumes in the way, which is only possible using very expensive software packages.


3D surface gridded with EasyGrid
(image capture from paraview)



Display of bounding surface over volume grid
generated by EasyGrid
(image capture from paraview)




Display of 3D contours over volume grid
generated by EasyGrid
(image capture from paraview)




Operating System
Windows 9x, 2000, XP
  • Accepts fixed and delimited ascii data files. Each record containing coordinates and value of the grided point must be located on separate line.
  • Generates surface and volume grids from scattered data points
  • Requires rectangular x,y coordinates for surface grids and x,y,z: coordinates for volume grids
  • very fast gridding algorithm based on QuikGrid source code
  • can handle large datasets (millions of data points)
  • Generated grids can be saved in vtk format for later viewing in paraview or other software supporting vtk format..
  • source code for grid generator together with small demo program available for download

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