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segd to segy converter


This software is intended for converting segd files (single or multirecord) to segy format and thus enabling viewing of the content of segd data using free segy viewers. SeiSee is one example of such viewers available for downloads from the internet.

Software supports 8058 segd format. It should be capable of reading 8015 and 8024 formats, but I have not tested it due to lack of data. Revision 0 and revision 1 of segd standard are supported. Revision 2 should be supported, but I have not tested it. Let me know if you have tested the software for reading mentioned formats and segd revision 2 standard. Software reads individual records from multirecord segd files and converts them to separate segy files. Segy files can then be concatenated using Seismic Toolkit software.

Available for download is single executable file, which runs under Windows system environment. This is not an installation file. Software does not install any files on your computer, so if you want to use desktop shortcut, you will need to create iy yourself.

To run the software download the executable file and run it (double click on it). Then click on "Convert" button and you will be prompted to select segd files and segy output directory. Segy files will be created and stored in the output directory. Their names will have .sgy extension and reflect segd file names with file number and record number appended to the end. There will also be ASCII files with basic header information generated in the output directory.

Operating System:


Input data :

segd files in 8058 format
possibly 8015 and 8024 are supported
revision 0 and revision 1 of segd standard
possibly revision 2 is also supported


  • works with single or multirecord segd files
  • individual segd records converted to separate segy files

  • segd record numbers and channel numbers recorded in standard segy headers

version 2.7

This is the latest version of SEGD to SEGY converter

executable file

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this software:



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