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Kitnkaboodle Burmese Cattery was established in 1988 and registered in South Australia with Feline Association of South Australia.

Our foundation queen Seawynd Riana (Ria) a chocolate came from Eileen Kane.
Ria in her first year of showing was awarded Burmese Kitten of the Year.

Two years later she won Burmese Cat of the Year at the same time as her daughter Kitnkaboodle Minette, won Burmese Kitten of the Year

In the years of showing Burmese we have won numerous breed, group and end of year awards.
All Kitnkaboodle kittens are bred for type and temperament.

Breed Profile

Below: Seawynd Riana April 2005 age 17

All our cats and dogs are feed the BARF DIET and have not been fed commercial food since 2002.

To see more photos of our cats and dogs please visit our Photo Albums .

Alan and Andrea Southern
Mobile: 0428 428 248
Email: wykham@chariot.net.au

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